Sunday, January 20, 2008

Melissa vs The Slushie Machine

In a contest where the female challenger was outwitted by an unforseen blade, the challenger nearly lost the all important pointer finger. The challenger was no match but was saved by an emergency run 45 minutes away by a loving husband. After being stitched up Melissa's finger is still feeling the affects of what happens when you stick a finger up a slushie machine. Customers who witnessed the attack have a new appreciation for the flavor "Tigers Blood." The fingernail is on the way off and Melissa has been banned from use of all slushie machines.

The Biggest LOSER

After 3+ wonderful years of marraige and all of that homemade Italian cooking Devin has decided to enter the realm of the biggest loser. It's amazing what competition can do to get even the biggest of losers on the scale. The new Devin will be making a new appearance in 12 weeks. Week one was a success losing a mighty 7 pounds. The mother to be sure is proud of her Italian stallion.

Yeah BABY!

We are pleased to announce that there is a baby headed to the Esplin home! Melissa is now 12 weeks along and all is going well. We have had one ultrasound that went really well. It has been a long time coming but we are excited for the new addition to our family. So far Melissa is winning the pregnancy battle with 0 throw-ups but the baby is fighting back with nausea and always being tired. We don't know if Melissa is really having morning sickness or school sickness. Being new at this baby thing we are tracking every moment but truly are grateful for answered prayers and caring family and friends!