Sunday, September 25, 2011

Picking Fruit

Moments such as this are what matter most.

As I watched Parker picking Nectarines with Grandpa Carl on a beautiful fall evening it was as if I was watching memories from past generations meet. Parker would take the nectarine from Grandpa and place it gently in the basket. Grandpa told Parker of the times when he would pick fruit with his grandma in the orchard when he was a boy.

As if this wasn't a reward enough he made sure that he got his pick at a nectarine which ended up all over his shirt and shorts as if it was a prize to be worn.

Bless the Fruit Trees

Prayers are answered.

Parkers many prayers to "bless the fruit trees" reached the heavens and were answered.

After 5 years of trying to get some fruit on our fruit trees and having little success we were finally able to have quite the harvest. The Gala's were the first to arrive. We picked nearly 50 or 60 and more have been picked by friends and neighbors. The Empire's weren't outdone by his neighbor as they too produced nice tart apples.
The raspberries are taking over the garden. No worries, Parker and the neighbors find a way to keep them in check. Those who make it into the house find their way in pancakes, on waffles, or in cereal. Even Brock has it mixed in his oatmeal every now and again (the only way to enjoy oatmeal)

The peaches were scarce but quality v. quantity was the method here as we had about 11 total peaches but the peaches produced were softball sized.
The grapes were the cherry on topas we were able to produce 8 quarts of grape juice and loads of table grapes as well.
We are grateful for a wonderful harvest and for a boy who never forgets the "fruit trees" in his prayers.

Date with Grandma and Grandpa

Parker qualified for a date with Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Carl this past Christmas. It has become a tradition for a date with the grandkids when they have turned the age of 2. At Christmas there is a present that identifies what the gift is going to be that upcoming year. Parker's inaugural date was a trip to Thanksgiving Point and the petting zoo there.
The report we received was that he loved every minute of it. He got to ride a horse and pet some animals and even had some souvenirs to show off.

Surely Parker will be looking forward to another "date" with Grandma and Grandpa next year.


Brock has had his fair share of illnesses in his first year. Add some teething to the mix and you have a mean combination. He spent a few tough nights screaming and in the arms of his mom. After awhile the teeth emerged (September 4, 2011) and now there is no looking back. A whole new menu of food will be coming his way for sure.

9 Months - Ready to go

After 9 months of taking it easy Brock is now anxious to get up and go. He has been rolling and trying to pull himself up as of late. Watching his big brother seems to increase his anxiety to get up and go. At nine months he continues to be a content boy, but the motor is starting to rev up and soon he will be keeping us on our toes.

Go Cougars

Parker made his first trip to Lavell Edwards Stadium for his first football game with dad.

Despite a few "dad" moments, it went well and I look forward to many more games with my boy.

For the play by play go to my sports blog at the link below.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Love New York - Day 5 - Saturday July 16, 2011

Day 5 was the day we had been planning for. We were excited to be with Elder and Sister Esplin. Parker didn't waste any time wearing out Grandpa by playing soccer with him early in the morning.

Grandma and Grandpa took us to the North Pole for a majority of the day. We made some necessary stops (an Amish store) so that Grandma and Grandpa could spoil grandkids. The North Pole was a lot of fun. Parker loved the rides and the fact that he could ride them non-stop with no lines made it heaven on earth. Of course Grandma and Grandpa continued the spoiling as they bought toys and hats for the boys.

On the way back we stopped in Lake Placid - site of the 1980 miracle on ice.

The day concluded as they showed us some of the area around their home. The trip wouldn't have been complete without seeing some "lightning bugs" so me and Parker went and found some in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard. The night was finished with Grandpa and Parker putting on a little show.