Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 3 - a real TREAT

Halloween for Parker's first two years seemed to be more costume displays for the parents. Year three came alive as Parker transformed into Buzz lightyear and insisted on pushing every door bell that he went to. This year, more than any other year, was a real TREAT, and here is why:

1. Grandma and Grandpa brought over a Halloween bucket overflowing with treats that would take a year old a week to earn going door to door.

2. 4 times the fun. By the end of the week Parker probably really felt like he was Buzz lightyear as he got to wear his costume 4 times - Storytime at the library, Ward Halloween Party, City Halloween Party, and Halloween itself (this of course is not counting the dress rehearsels put on forGrandma andGrandpathe week before).

3. He really was buzz. The buttons did the trick as they became lasers and wings.
4. No walking from door to door. The arrival ofrain dampened the experience but mom providing the taxi did the trick.
5. Yelling TREAT before the door opened (hey, when you want something you need to make it known!)

6. The dump. Though I think mom enjoyed this the most, the dump revealed the stash that will supply Parker for the next three halloweens!

Haunted History

There seems to be nothing more haunting than seeing your kids grow up so fast. A look at Parker's 3 Halloweens reveals such fears:

Halloween 2008 - A horse with Baby Ruth clutched in hand

Halloween 2009 - Split fan terrorized Utah sports fans

Halloween 2010 - Buzz came to life

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Date Night in SLC

We had to leave this raspberry lovin' munchkin for a weekend in Salt Lake City. Thanks to Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Carl we were able to have a little getaway for a night out on Friday, October 15, and Temple and shopping on Saturday the 16. It is a weird feeling not to have Parker around for that long, but is it also fun to getaway with a little less stress on our plate.
We had a blast eating at Smashburger and playing miniature golf andarcades at Boondocks. I felt like we were in our dating days again.
Saturday we were able to actually sleep in! We got up ate, and walked briskly to make the 10:00 session at the Salt Lake Temple. It was a wonderful time away from the world. Although I will say that I am feeling that 7 1/2 months pregnant feeling of sitting a little too long and getting hot flashes. I thought I was going to pass out a few times, but no worries we made it.
After the temple, we were able to walk around a bit, then on to some Christmas shopping. It was pretty productive and we are getting closer to being done.
All in all it was a wonderful couple of days, but fun to get back to the Parker man!
Not too much has changed is six years, right?
Devin, me, Britt, and her friend Mike
Gotta pull the funny faces
Skee ball and B-ball champion! Still got it even with this belly!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Winless on the mat

Watching Parker and grandpa wrestle surly must of brought back memories for my dad and his glory days wrestling in high school. Regrettably and yet graciously my dad admits that his wrestling career was anything but stellar (as he reveals his winless record in wrestling).

Back on the mat (our front living room) with my son, grandpa with the size advantage but a repaired neck that Parker exploited to his advantage, was grandpa and grandson. As they grappled back and forth it appeared that grandpa might get his first victory, only to collapse to the relentless blows to the head, neck, and back of Parker's fury. The result, win for Parker, and another loss for grandpa.

Somehow though, I think grandpa feels like he won this match. As a witness, he is right!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Called Shot

One of the great moments in all of sports lore is when the "Babe" called his shot. Truth or Fiction? A similar experience at the Esplin home may reveal what "the Babe" was really doing.

Much to my pleasure Parker wanted to "hit" the baseball. Not wanting to miss a baseball moment with my boy I obliged and pitched to him. Then I witnessed it, Parker calling the shot.
What sparked this great historic moment? Was it the Esplin blood that bleeds baseba
ll kicking in and revealing itself at an early age or was it the moon that was out early that night? You be the judge.
As for me, it will go down as one of the greatest baseball moments in baseball history

Fun in the Arizona sun!

On October 9-12, Mom, Dad, and Britt were taking a trip to Arizona, so Parker and I decided to tag along. I was a little nervous because it was his first long ride in the car. We've done Wyoming and that is the longest up until now. It was a good thing for bathroom breaks, and food breaks. We were able to break up the trip over a few days of splitting the drive and staying over night half way through. Needless to say Parker was great! We did have some help with a borrowed DVD player from our awesome friends, the Leroys, books, toys, games, and occasional napping.
It was so fun to see Aunt Becky, Uncle Tom, Leigh, Dean, and Mick. We had some yummy food and good times being able to hang out and catch up. It is always fun to do that. Parker had some good and bad times with the bird and dogs. He couldn't decided if he loved them or wanted to run away. Usually it was the latter, run away.
I did want to stay and enjoy the beautiful weather a little longer, but we did have to come back to the reality of Utah and the cold.

1st night in Moab getting the car jitters out. Flying from bed to bed with Britt!
Loving the not so alive animals
and of course the water. Who can resist?
Running to Grandpa's arms when the dogs came out!
The doggie door was too tempting. If you can't beat em' join em'
Rockin out in the warm Phoenix weather.
Scary thought - Parker behind the corvette wheel
Finally getting some courage to pet one of the dogs. As you can see he's got the tail!
Aunt Becky and Dad(being uncooperative)
Leigh and Uncle Tom
Hangin with Aunt Britt
Sunday night study with the Gospel ABC book
The ride home fully equipped with DVD's and Disco globe (courtesy of Grandma)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ready for October

October is a busy month. For the Germans its a month of Octoberfest. For the Esplin's, no not as wild but there is plenty to get ready for:

Baseball Playoffs:


Halloween (trust us, after seeing him in his costume, putting up pumpkins in the window, and making halloween cookies, this kid is ready for Halloween)

(No Picture as this is waiting to be unveiled)

College football


For the past few years I have been announcing Emery High girls volleyball games (recieved this appointment the year Melissa coached). It's nice because we get to support friends and people we teach and know. Parker loves it as he spends a lot of his time playing with his own microphone, hitting a volleyball, or using a flashlight as a microphone. These distractions have worked for awhile but now are mere hinderences to the "real" microphone. He does get his "air time" at the conclusions of the game. It is as these moments that I get glimpses of tag team announcers debuting on Sportscenter. These moments are brief though when you are hauling a screaming kid out of the gym because his dreams apparently have just been dashed by the very person he was emulating.

Cookie Monster for Halloween!

After watching Parker help make cookies the other night, we are starting to wonder if we should just make cookies on halloween night and go out trick or treating right after. Between the flour on the cheeks and the stomach, the rolling pin rolled into the counter, the halloween cut outs making shapes that could go for any holiday, and powder sugar "lightly" sprinkled on every part of the cookie, Parker transformed into a cookie monster right before our eyes.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Conference Bonus

As if Conference wasn't good enough, it was enhanced as we were able to spend time with family. Whether before or after sessions, there was plenty of fun to be had. Dustin said it best when he said that we ought to have conference weekend more often. Here are some pictures that show the "bonues" of conference weekend.
Doing the "girly" thing
This is my kind of food storage - fresh from the Peach tree!
A little bit of football
Breakfast with Parker, Brittany, and Mia
A car wash with Uncle Dustin


For Parker, conference is getting better, atleast, there were some glimpses of hope. Like the time he said the prayer with the one giving the prayer at the conclusion of a session. On occasion he did recognize President Monson and he did point out (with the prodding of dad) that Elder Oaks does not have any hair.

The rest of the time was passed by naps (not just him though), playing cars with Brittany, wrestling with Dustin, and escaping to the treat drawer on occasion.

I guess you could say AMEN to this conference, not only because Parker said that after most talks and prayers, but AMEN at the effort he made and the wonderful things we were taught and the time spent with family sitting at the feet of Prophets.
A little conference coloring is good to pass some time while "pondering" the messages
Parker got a good seat between Grandma Vicki and Brittany

Gotta have something to keep you awake!