Sunday, July 25, 2010

Icing on the cake

Parker's version of icing on his birthday cake are a few sparklers, some poppers, and some fireworks. The "show" was a perfect ending to a wonderful birthday (except for some burns earned while doing the sparklers). How grateful we are to remember the pioneers on this day as well as have our own pioneer in our family!

"2" Infinity and Beyond

A glimpse of Parker's birthday presents reveals how "out of this world" his second birthday was. Woody fans, please don't be disappointed!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Parker Parade

As we sat on South Temple in Salt Lake City this weekend watching one of the greatest parades in the nation, it was great to remember the legacy we have and that we are indebted to the pioneers who sacrificed so much for us. Though we admired the creativity of the floats and awed at the many dignitaries that waved their way past us, it was all for Parker and his birthday. Atleast, that is what Parker must be thinking.

In Parker's mind he was able to wave to President Uchtdorf of the First presidency. For Parker, the many horses who galloped past were merely putting on a show for him. The floats with the royalties? Just future prospects for marriage who strutted their stuff for future pursuit of him. Parker had the pleasure of band after band providing live music for his dancing skills. Even a BYU float snuck in despite the divisive tension that exists in family.

And so we beg the question, was the parade for Parker? Not to the thousands of others who stayed the previous night in order to get a good seat, nor was it just for Parker. Not for the people across from us who celebrated every participant in it, even the pooper scoopers. Even those who squirmed at the sight of a "Y" going down the heart of Salt Lake would claim it was for the pioneers. But for Parker? Yes, it was a surely a parade for Parker. A parade I believe even the Pioneers would approve of.

President Uchtdorf gives us a wave

Parker giving waves to dignitaries and floats as they pass by
The parade had its fair share of horses which were always a hit
Parker with his uncle Dustin and cousin Carter

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rodeo and Woody

Last years birthday at the baseball game

This years birthday at the Rodeo

For last years birthday party we took Parker to a baseball game and fireworks. This year we "cowboy'd up" and took him to the Days of 47 Rodeo in Salt Lake with family. Parker was in horse heaven as he saw horse after horse pass in front of him. It was an enjoyable time for all and we were able to leave with a greater appreciation for the "game of Rodeo" as they call it. Parker came away with a little more as he was riding off into the sunset with his new stick horse that he affectionately named "Coco" and was later modified by his cousin Carter as "Loco Coco". The only thing missing was Woody, but who needs Woody when you got Buzz and trust me Parker got his "Buzz" experience!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Parker's First Job

Parker is now officially employed and making income. Perhaps he is breaking a few child labor laws but Parker made his first $1.50 over the past few days for making sure "Coco" (a neighbor's horse) had water every day. This "work" resulted in more play than anything as Parker loved going over to see "Coco" the horse. Who knows, maybe a horse trainer or a jockey may be in his future, and who knows maybe $1.50 is just the beginning of many a winning's at the race track. In the meantime we will put it in the bank and take him over to see Coco more often if this is how he is going to be rewarded

Monday, July 19, 2010

A new discovery

Feeling like a neglectful mom today, I decided to try something new. I hopped on the computer and pulled up some recipes for homemade play dough. As you would guess, many sites came up, so I just grabbed the first one and went for it. Parker was excited even though he didn't know why, but I was excited so I guess it rubbed off. Anyway, I let him pour in the ingredients and we started mixing. We added a little too much water and the consistency was a little too sticky. As you can tell.
I cleaned up what he had flung around everywhere, washed him off and then added a bit more flour to make it a little less sticky. That is when the fun began. I hid some dice and let him find them. He thought that was pretty cool once he found them, and then he would have to hide them again. After being a little bored with that I started making balls for snowmen, and then rolling them out to make snakes. Once he heard snake, that is what he was stuck on from then on. He wanted me to keep making snakes of all sizes.
I am glad we could have a little fun and liven things up a bit for once in the house. I need to not be so boring all the time and let things go to spend more time like this with Parker before this time is gone. I had fun and I know he did too! If you have any fun/creative ideas to do with a two year old send them my way. I will gladly take more suggestions!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

6 Years! Where has the love gone?!

6 Years Ago
We have been spoiled. Every anniversary we have been able to "get away" because of family that were so generous in offering to watch Parker. Because we recieved such royal treatment we became spoiled and when we discovered that we wouldn't have that option for our anniversary this year so we did the only thing we could have done, invite Parker to the party.

Though our love has deepened over the 6 years it was tested as Parker laid havoc on Wingers and anything that got in his way. From crayons to climbing booths to smashing the dessert we were anxious for this love fest to be over with.

Having successfully survived the anniversary we look forward to many more eventful and "lovely" years of marriage
Parker's way of saying Happy Anniversary! (Where is the love?)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Worth Every Penny

There are moments in life that are worth every penny. It doesn't matter what the cost, what the sacrifice, for "that moment" is to be treasured. I just had one of those "moments" as I was finishing up mowing my lawn when to my excitement I heard the enlightening tunes of the ice cream truck. I scooped Parker off the lawn and made for the piggy bank inside the house. Having successfully secured sufficient coinage we went to the "music trukkk" and purchased summer's sweetest treat and together ate our popsicles on the front porch. The brief conversation that ensued was pleasant:

"Parker, how old are you going to be?"


"Are you going to see some horses for your birthday?"

As if there were no doubt in his mind he replied, "Horses!!!!"

Having completed our popsicles and bonded as father and son, we went back to work in the yard, looking forward to another summer moment such as this, a moment that not even pictures can do justice to (but here are some pictures anyway)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

For the past few years it has become somewhat of a tradition to travel to Cedar City for the 4th of July. Each year we find ourselves doing the traditional things and have enjoyed every minute of it. This year was no different, except for the fact that Parker is more mobile and enjoys the holiday the way that it should be enjoyed. Here are some of the highlights of the celebration in Cedar City:

Trip to the Cabin:
The Parade
The Park
The Swimming Pool
BBQ with the family - thanks to Nate, Lindsay and Crew
Fireworks at the "Hanger" - Courtesy The Leavitts