Tuesday, June 24, 2008


"It's a beautiful room!" These are the words I hear every day( at least 3 or 4 times) from my dear sweet husband. Devin is beyond excited for this room to be finished. Okay, it is almost finished. It just needs some decorating finishing touches, but other than that I think we are ready to put this baby in his room.
It sures pays to watch HGTV! That is where the inspiration began. I had a totally different idea until I was watching "Deserving Design". Low and behold they were doing a baby's room! That is where it stemmed. Then we had the wonderful help of my Mom & Dad. The ideas only expanded even more as we added a few more stripes and Viola! A baby boy's heaven! I really do love the room! I am so excited to have it finished and feel a little more prepared for him to come home. It was a fun adventure for us and I am sure it will continue long after he has arrived!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

32 weeks and larger than life!

I can't believe that at am now at the end of my 32nd week! Time sure flies when you are gaining weight and getting more and more pregnant. As if you couldn't tell. Right? Seriously, I can't complain too much about this wonderful world of pregnancy other than the fact of getting a bit more uncomfortable. I haven't had the sickness and puking that some women experience. That has only happened twice my whole pregnancy and it was within the last month. Weird!?! Other than that things continue progressing. The doctor says that I am "boring". I guess that is a good thing. I absolutely love the times that our little boy is active inside me. It is so fun to know that he is moving and growing in there. It's just crazy to think that there is actually a baby inside me. Wow! What a miracle! Devin likes to feel when he is moving. He constantly is asking me if he is moving. I would say our little boy is most active at night. We can lay there feeling him move as we drift off to sleep. Good times!
As summer continues, I can only hope for the coolness that we have had. As long as I don't have to have the unbearable heat, I will continue in trying not to complain. Until then life is grand as we continue to prepare for this little one to come!

I decided that it was my turn to update this wonderful thing we call a blog. I guess I should take a little part in this.
As this past school year has come to a close, I have been reflecting a little bit. I sat in my classroom on the last days of school realizing that this chapter is closing on my life. With emotions running high, (doesn't help that I'm pregnant) I realized what an amazing experience it has been. Moving from Bloomington Hills Elementary, to Mont Harmon Jr. High, and ending at Emery High School has been one wild ride after another. I have been truly blessed to have met so many amazing people while on this short journey - students, faculty, parents, and communities. I will miss the times I have had, but I am also excited for the new challenges I face as a "teacher" inside my own home. I was thinking of how long we have wanted a child, but then quickly realized that if we would have had a child when we wanted one, I never would have been able to experience the joys of being a teacher! So many have touched my life and I hope I have been able to touch a few on the way as well. The Lord knew when this miracle should come and he will be coming at the right moment. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I have had to teach, coach, and have these daily experiences I can take with me forever!