Friday, September 26, 2008


My how time flies!  I can't believe the difference in our little Parker in such a short time.  Now our little buddy is  2 months and pudgy!  He is the cutest, most precious bundle of joy! He makes us so happy!  It makes me crazy to think that he is growing up so fast!  I want him this little forever.  
September 24, 2008 12 lbs. 13 oz.; 24 in long      
July 24, 2008 7 lbs. 9 oz.;  20 1/2 in. long

You would think on this wonderful day we would spend it celebrating, but instead it was off to the doctor's for immunizations.  How sad was that.  I was nervous for him, but tried to be the tough mom.  While waiting for the doctor, I had him laying on the table in the room.  He was the cutest ever.  He was just a kicking and jabbering and smiling the whole time.  He was so calm and just having a good ol time.  All I could think is, " you have no idea what is coming"  Dr. Madsen came in answered some of my questions, checked him over, and then said, "Well, it's time."  I almost started crying.  He brought the shots in and on we went.  I held his left leg while he gave the first shot in his right leg.  Then, we switched and he finished with the 2 last shots in the left leg while I held the right leg.  All the while Parker is screaming his head off!  Wowzers!  It was an experience that I don't want to go through again, but I hear it has to happen in another two months.  Oh, sad day!  He did get some cool blue camouflage Band-Aids.
My little tough guy!  With some children's Tylenol we made it home and he was a happy boy!
Happy 2 months Parker!


Do you ever feel like the worst mom ever?  After this little incident, I sure did.  I wanted to cry more than he did.  There might have been a few tears shed.  :(  I felt horrible.  Well, he was fast asleep in my arms and I was looking at his hands.  I noticed that his fingernails were way too long.  So, being the good mom that I am, I decided to cut them.  I was doing pretty good until the big thumbnail.  I thought I had the clippers under the nail.  I did, but apparently I had some of his little skin, too.  I clipped and then heard a burst of crying.  It didn't last long.  Thank goodness for a great sleeper.  Don't worry because more crying came later as I cleaned it off and bandaged it.  By that time Devin was home and I made him hold him while I mended the wound.  By looking at Devin's face you would have thought I killed him.  Well, needless to say, I felt like the worst mother on the planet!  I'm glad I have a tough son!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bath Time

Never have I been so happy as when the cord finally fell off and we could give Parker a real bath!  I always had heard the horror of how much kids hated their bath, so I was quite nervous, but since the first time and every time since he has been in heaven!  He LOVES his bath time. He hates to get out.  I love to watch his calm face.  He lays there and takes it all in.  The only bad part is sometimes he is relaxed a little too much!  That is when he lets it all go!  Oh yeah, the pee comes a flying.  A couple days ago Devin was taking these pictures and all of a sudden yells, "Melissa!"  Next thing I know I am drenched with Parker Pee!  It was lovely.  I couldn't stop laughing.  Sometimes you just gotta let it go!  

Sunday, September 14, 2008


A couple of Saturdays ago, the opening weekend of the college football season, I woke up early to check on Parker.  I found him asleep in his crib with his arms straight up in the air signaling a touchdown.  I knew then that I have a football buddy to watch games with until he is the one punishing linebackers himself!  As you can tell, he is a buckeyes fan!

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head

We have done something that even Uncle Bart in Enterprise would be proud of.  I don't know if these would be prize winning potatoes but if size means anything, then maybe I have a future in the spud business!



Much debate goes into choosing a name.  I made it known that "Chip" was my first choice but soon realized that the one who carried this child rightfully earned the right to have a say in the matter.  Reminders that dad "really" had final say in the matter when it came to blessing the baby were replaced with threats from the mother to be.  As time went on we narrowed the name down to a few different options and finally settled on Daxton.  A couple of days prior to Parker's arrival, Melissa read a story about Parley P. Pratt that touched her.  Upon reading the story she came to know that Parley's middle name was Parker.  This seemed to have a nice sound to it and when Parker was born on July 24th it was only fitting that Parker be named after a great pioneer.  Not only was Parley a great pioneer but an incredible missionary for the church.  His devotion to the Lord and his desire to spread its message is a moving story in Church history.  Parley would later be a martyr for the cause which he loved so much.

As for his middle name, there really was no debate.  Since the passing of Grandma Glenna we felt strongly that his middle name should be after Grandpa August "Gus" Pollastro.  Since coming to Castle Dale I have looked to him as a Grandpa figure.  He has taught us much about family and its importance.  Grandpa Gus has been an example of hard work as he spent his working days working in the mine.  Grandpa Gus is a convert to the church and has faithfully served as a Bishop, Stake Patriarch, and Ward Mission Leader.  I have many fond memories of Grandpa Gus, from his retelling dating days to his singing Italian songs to Parker.  He has created a legacy that I long to follow and feel the privilege of having a son named after him.  

His last name also is something to take pride in.  Esplin is a name that many speak highly of.  It was the name that grandparents carried before me.  To me it stands for a person who has integrity and is honest.  It stands for hard work and commitment.  Those who possess this name are faithful and love to serve.  I know my dad to carry this name with great pride.  He gave it to me and now has fallen on Parker.  May those who look to this name and possess this name remember the sacrifice and efforts put into what this name represents.

Through this process I asked myself some questions.  So what does a name mean?  Is it something that should be treated lightly?  What lessons are to be learned here?  It is our hope that when Parker sees the name "Parker" that he sees a faithful missionary and pioneer which one day he too will be.  We would hope that the name "August" would be held dear as it represents family, love, and faithful service.  When called by his last name, "Esplin" may he remember the sacrifice that has been made to maintain what it represents.  May his name not only represent those who have gone before but may he emulate those who paid the price to uphold these names.

Parker's Blessing

Parker August Esplin was blessed on September 7th by the proud dad.  Family sacrificed a lot of time and expense in support of Parker, even to the extent of sacrificing wedding anniversaries in his behalf.  Thanks to all who made it a sacred day.  Pictures highlight the joy we felt this day.  Enjoy