Friday, May 18, 2012

Opening Day!

With the impending possibility that there would be no T-Ball, we stepped to the plate and offered our services.  Offering our services led to us running the league.  With a phone call we got Steve Stoker to jump on board.  As we got registration going for the league we decided that we would have an opening day to kick things off.

With about 20+ tee ballers gathered at the Rec Center in Castle Dale we officially began the season.  We had three stations, hitting, running the bases, and throwing (through tires).  To get in the baseball mood we had classic baseball music playing in the background.  Parker and his buddy Krae went to each station together while Brock roamed the fields.  At the end of the stations we gave the kids some cracker jacks and gatorade!

It was a lot of fun and was a success.  Let's hope that Opening Day is a sign of things to come.

Play Ball!

Wild Kratts

There is nothing more exciting than a cartoon where two guys by the names of Martin and Chris jump into cartoon mode with the hopes of getting creature power suits in order to do some creature rescues.  Throw in a headquarters named "tortuga" and you have a cartoon that surely rivals any super hero adventure.

Parker gets his fair share of Wild Kratts as he joins Martin and Chris by putting on his own creature power suits.  He loves the show and is getting the neighbors to love the show (atleast Krae at this point)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Nickname - Graham

My brother gave me a nickname and Melissa also was given a nickname while in high school.  There are many who work in the mines or power plant who get a nickname attached to them.  Nicknames are fun and they provide an identify for the person.

If we were to give Brock a nickname, my vote would be for "Graham".  Countless times we will see Brock pulling out Graham Crackers from the drawer in the kitchen.  He often leaves trails in his wake.  He will eat them anywhere, anytime.

Lets just add another one to the list:

Dad = "Q" - nickname given to me by my thoughtful brother and his buddies.  It would later evolve into many creative variations.

Mom = "P" - Though not sure of the origin, it obviously had to do with the Pollastro last name.

Brock = "Graham" - Don't know if this will stick but it is a start of many nicknames to come.

A Child's Prayer

Parker's prayers are paying off (though we're still not sure how he is going to bless the "superheroes" that he prays for nightly).  Evidence of this is found in watching his little brother begin his praying habits.  Nightly we kneel down to pray and wait for Brock to come running to join us.  He buries his head in the couch while Parker begins his prayer.

There is a lot to be learned from a child's prayer and I guess Brock is picking up on it nicely.

Growin' Grapes

I once heard a neighbor of mine explain why he grew such a large garden.  He said, "I'm not growing a garden, I'm growing kids."  I like this because that is how I was taught.  Having been taught this by example and now by word I thought I would put this to the test.

A few weeks ago Parker and I planted some grapes.  He was excited to grow the "blue grapes" (concord).   He insisted on digging up the dirt with the shovel while we carefully placed it in the ground.  As part of the growing grapes we decided that Parker would be responsible for taking care of his grapes.  He would receive a quarter every time that he watered his grapes.

So far we are happy to report that the grapes are still alive and that Parker is well on his way to becoming a millionaire (that is of course if we can talk him out of buying a trampoline and a motorcycle as is planned for his earnings)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

Following in the tradition of just about every kid, Parker has not yet quite bought into enjoying Dentist appointments.  6 months ago there was minimal progress made and yesterday we attempted another appointment.  Mom had prepped him well and the experience was memorable.

Parker wanted me to go first.  On occasion I would give him a thumbs up to see if he was doing ok.  Pretty soon he was initiating the thumbs up.  After watching dad endure the cleaning he bravely made his way to the chair.  After telling the hygienist his full name, how to spell it, and that he was playing T-Ball this year he opened his mouth.  Luckily the fluoride was bubblegum flavor.  He toughed out the torture and emerged a happy camper.  After the cleaning he curiously asked, "Are you going to clean my toes next?"  

With prizes in hand (toothpaste and Cars 2 toothbrush) we came home anxious to show mom how good he was and the new toothbrush he had scored.

As a result, it was time to say good bye to his old toothbrush Spiderman.

Play by Play Prayer

What makes a good broadcaster is his ability to portray the events transpiring before his eyes in such a way that those listening feel like they are right there in the booth watching the game.  The more details included provide a vivid picture and the game comes alive.

If prayers were like broadcasting, then Parker could be the Vin Scully equivalent.  As Parker's prayers evolve (at some times we think that we are digressing) we have entered a stage where his prayers are detailed descriptions of just about anything.  If these prayers were broadcast over the heavenly airwaves, this would be a sample (with a little static on our part)

"Please bless these carrots and this pizza, and these pickles, I have five of them, and then I will eat a cookie after and bless Brock, he is not closing his eyes, and bless all of the Prophets and all of the superheros . . ."

The airwaves were alive the other night when he broke out in song during prayer:

"Bless we can have a good night sleep, bless the fruit trees, bless we can "Choose the right when a choice is placed before you . . ."

Just this morning he offered up a prayer of gratitude:

"Bless I went to the Doctor but it wasn't the doctor, it wasn't Dr. Madsen and I was really good and I got a new tootbrush, it has Cars 2 on it and I got new toothpaste, bless dad have a good day at work and that we can have a good day at home . . ."

Those who grew up with only the radio and huddled around its messages say that Vin Scully was the best.  He could bring a game to life.  Well, Vin Scully now has some competition.  Parker Esplin can call upon the heavens in a way that has brought life to our home as we huddle around him and listen to him pray.