Friday, May 29, 2009

What The???? Can someone please tell me . . . ???

Returning home from Wyoming and waking up Saturday morning (May 23) we discovered some sort of rash near Parker's temple on his head.  Being the weekend and it not really bothering him we casually started asking others questions.  We asked neighbors, ward members, even a PA at a BBQ each with a guess but nothing real definitive.  We then turn to his pediatrician who diagnosis it as infontigo.  A couple days of spreading and another visit to the doctor ruled this out and now we await the result of a culture that is being done on it.

(A few days later).  Still no word on what it is but Dr. Madsen says that it is a shingle!  Being the expert doctors that we are (thank you WedMD) we have decided that it can't be shingles but regardless of what we think it is keeping him from going to visit in Cedar City.

(A few more days later).  Still no word but it is off to Cedar City we go!  Nothing can stop us from going not even a, a, a, a????????  Whatever it may be!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day

I don't know if I really appreciated Memorial Day until this year when I spent the day actually celebrating what the day was intended for.  Ironically it took me spending time with a man who has Alzheimer's, Melissa's Grandpa Gus.  Now Grandpa Gus has taught me many lessons, but today might just have been the best one yet.

We decided to travel to Price to spend the day with Grandpa Gus which we felt appropriate being the day we could celebrate those who have fought for our freedoms and those who have paved the way before us.  We took Grandpa Gus to Subway where Grandpa was more interested in Parker than the Subway sandwich that set right in front of him.  He also spiced up lunch by singing Parker some Italian tunes.

After lunch we took him to the Helper cemetery to see his wife's grave site.  While driving there we wondered what would take place here considering the memory of Grandpa Gus.  What then happened on an overcast Monday afternoon touched me and taught me an invaluable lesson.  Upon reaching the headstone he broke down in tears while Melissa put his arm around him.  Here I witnessed a man who at times would repeatedly ask me where I was working within a 5 minute time span to a man who could never forget the love and relationship that he had with his eternal spouse.  Occasionally Melissa would reassure him of where she was and what she was doing and that we needed him here.  Soon after this he looked across the cemetery to the nearby mountain and a rock known as "balance rock" where he turned to us and said, "you see that rock?  You go straight down that mountain and at the bottom is our home."  This was something he evidently was proud of as he repeated this with pride a few more times.  Then it dawned on me, "you never do forget home."  
Upon leaving the cemetery that afternoon, while pushing sleepy Parker in the stroller, walking side by side Melissa and her Grandpa, we quizzed him on some of the names on some of the headstones as we passed and true to his Itallian blood that runs through him was able to roll off the names while I was twisting my tongue.  Before taking him back to the Heirloom we drove by his home that was "straight down the mountain from the balance rock." 

We then went to Melissa's maternal Grandparents to see their head stones and pay our respects and tribute.

We finished the day at a BBQ with friends.   As fun as that was, it failed in the lessons that I learned as we "truly" celebrated Memorial day.  Surely this was one Memorial day that we will never forget.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wyoming in a flash!

I couldn't stand not it any longer!  I had to make the trip to Wyoming to visit the fam. Parker and I loaded up with my Mom and sister, Brittany, to visit the newest addition to the family, little Mia.  While we were there we enjoyed every minute with Christian and Cammie's family, too.  I love being able to be together even if it is a quick trip.  Here are a few pics of our fun times!
Oh little Mia Bella!  So tiny and precious!
Can you say Cheese?

and double cheese?
David and Goliath? I couldn't believe how big Parker was compared to Mia!  Almost 3 times her size.  She's got some work to do :)

Just boys in the bath tub.  No girls allowed!
We love cousin Cali!

Jewish?  I think not. Thanks Uncle Chris!
Hangin with Uncle Carson and Aunt Brittany

I can help with the deck!  

Double Digits, Double the Fun

Those first 9 months are for babies.  Gone are the days when I couldn't sleep all night.  See ya later baby food, I'm eatin with the big kids.  So long stroller rides when I couldn't stay awake.  Catch ya later gummer days, I'm off to the dentist.  My babbling days are past!  Yeah those first 9 months were great, being hauled around everywhere, crying when I was hungry, etc.

Ok, so some of those things I haven't quite conquered quite yet(and quite frankly I'm holdin on to that cryin when your hungry business), but today I hit the double digits!  10 months baby!  As they say in that Juicy Fruit commercial that I have never seen, "double the pleasure, double the fun!"  And now that I am 10 months may I see hello to bigger badder sounds like da, da, da. And bring on the cabinets, plants, and DVD's, and anything else destructible. Crawling??????  I'm skipping that and going straight for the big time!  Oh and that bottom lip that I have developed so well, that's gonna have to stay as well.

At 21 pounds, two teeth, thunder thighs, and a smile that makes you melt, the fun is just beginning!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh the Joy!

Crawling is for the weak!  Parker has decided to take his chances on his feet only.  He uses anything and everything to hold onto as he walks around.  Every Thursday is laundry day in the house, so the laundry basket comes out.  Parker knows what that is for... his new walker.  Last Thursday he was going round and round the house and finally found it!  The big blue exercise ball. It was the only thing he wanted and he was going to get it.  He kept pushing the laundry basket, running into things, and I had to stop and help him turn back toward his goal.  Finally he got close enough to the ball that he let go of the basket and flew to the ball.  It was so funny to see the smile on his face and know that he got what he wanted.  He is so brave!   

Welcome to the Family!

                              (stolen with pride from Cammie!)
Parker's stint as the youngest cousin came to an end as of 4:00 AM on May 16th as Nykelle and Carson welcomed a beautiful Mia Bella into their home.  Swallowing our envy and pride at having the "baby" of the family, we would each like to take a turn at offering our words of welcome:

Parker:  (As interpreted by dad).  Welcome "cuz".  Just a word to the wise for us youngins, beware of Carter!  His abundance of love spills over and bursts the privacy bubble at times, but all in all he is a cousin that wants the best for you.  Your cousin Cali too is a bundle of joy.  She may seem like she is 5 but her wisdom is beyond her years!  I hope you are liking your stomach, because I sure don't.  Perhaps you will be crawling before I do!  I sure have tricked my parents into doing whatever I want them to do.  It's all about the bottom lip!!!  I love you and can't wait to eat yogurt bites with you!  Good to have ya "cuz"!

Auntie Melissa:
  Do you have runnin' shoes yet?  When I heard you were coming I wanted to lace up the old sneakers and be there to love you and hold you!  This is when it stinks to be in Castle Dale because I want to be there to hold my new little precious niece.  I will be there soon, but in the meantime start wrapping that daddy of yours around that little finger!

Uncle DEVO:  Howdy.  What a great family to be a part of.  I hope you have been workin' on that Italian language, it sure does help when it comes to family meals (may I recommend the Parmesan Chicken!).  I look forward to seeing you and having you a part of the family.  May I also recommend filling up as many diapers as fast as you can, keep those parents on their toes!  Welcome "Mama "Mia""

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ghosts of the Garden

In the baseball classic "Field of Dreams" Ray Consella hears voices that prod him on to build a baseball field while plowing under his crop of corn.  By doing so he ventures on a journey that would eventually reunite him with his father.  

As I went about my garden today and started to till the ground and prep it for planting I couldn't help but hear the "ghosts of the garden".  As I planted the garden I reflected on some of my heroes that have taught me much not just in the garden but in life.  

As I planted the potatoes it was as if the ghost of my Uncle Bart was speaking.  It was this time last year that I called him at his home in Enterprise from the IFA in Price asking him how to plant potatoes and what kind of corn was the best.  It was then that he instructed me on how to do this.  It was a bounteous crop and I was grateful for timely advice.  If he were here he would say,"Make sure you cut the potato in half with the eyes of the potato facing up and make sure that you mound it and continue to mound it as you go throughout the year."

As I was planting corn I reflected on the many times I would go to Grandma and Grandpa Esplin's garden with my Dad and Uncle Karl and plant corn.  While gardening my dad would relate to me how good Grandpa Esplin was at keeping a garden and how he wouldn't allow a weed in his garden.  My dad taught me (because he was taught by his dad) to evenly space the corn and to slip in the seeds just behind the shovel (This was my job as I would lag behind as my dad would do the shoveling).  It was always necessary to put 3 or 4 seeds in each little hole.

The famous phrase"If you build it, they will come" that was coined in this film continued to ring true this afternoon. Yes it would be nice to still have Uncle Bart and my Grandpa Esplin around to give me more advice on how to garden in the garden.  Heaven knows that they would cringe at my futile attempts at a garden.  But it is my hope that whatever comes of it would bring back wonderful memories and reunite me with what they have taught me that I may pass it down to my children in the years to come (Parker made sure I planted the Carrots and Lettuce just right).  

"Is this Heaven?" was the question posed by Ray's dad after playing catch.  After spending a day in the garden with my son and wife I too ask myself the same question, "Is this Heaven?"

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma

Thanks for another birthday!  Celebrating your birthday gives us all the more reason to:

. . .Travel to Wyoming towatch your grandkids open your present to discover that it was a game for the "Maybe" 
. . .Go out to lunch and pay for your own Fried Ice Cream that came despite your anxiousness to leave without a sumbrero or birthday cheers!
. . .Get Parker a new toy that he can punch like a punching bag with you in the middle of it
. . . Grandkids cook for you!  (KFC "Grilled" style)

Whatever the reasons, keep having birthdays!  We love you.  You are the best.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Deal or No Deal

Melissa's brother and his wife are expecting their third child to join their two other wild meowzers.  This excitement for a new baby in their home is really affecting Carter, their three year old.  After spending a weekend with them in Wyoming, Carter approached his parents with a proposal.  PROPOSAL (and I paraphrase) "Mom, dad, when the baby comes, I'm going to trade the baby for Parker" which led to mom's response "well, what if it it's a boy?" to which Carter insisted that he wanted Parker to come and live with them instead.  Even his dad trying to convince him that he could have the best of both worlds by having Parker come and stay and play and have the baby as well, this didn't seem to thwart Carter's demand.  (Cammie please correct this story at any point).  Unconvinced and still determined, Carter is anxiously waiting for the trade to be made.

Well Carter, here is our response. If he is allowed "Woody time" then we can negotiate.  Though Parker may look happy, lovable, and squeezable, you may want to reconsider when he attacks the knee caps with his bottom teeth.  If you are still not budging despite the teeth marks then our people can talk with your people and hopefully we can resolve something.  In the meantime all that we ask is that you let Parker play with Woody and Buzz when he visits.