Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cali Did It!

We spent this past weekend in Rock Springs, Wyoming. A combination of a birthday and a baptism required such a venture.

Upon arrival Parker was in Cousin heaven with Cali, Carter, and Caleb all drawing some attention. It didn't take long for Parker to transform into Buzz and Woody mode. Fortunately he was distracted for a time by the splash park near by.
Brock was in good hands as he played hot potato between cousins, grandparents, and aunts and uncles.
Of course the highlight of the tripwas Cal's baptism. It was a wonderful occasion for Cali and we were excited to be there with family. Deep downit is our hope that these experiences will make an impression on Parker and prepare him for such an event. If there was any indication of this it came as Cali was walking out of the font and the kids around the font were returning to their seats when Parker pronounced, "Cali did it".
Thanks for the news Parker. Good news!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Take ME out to the Ballgame

Almost forgotten among the "Parker" (Pioneer) celebrations was baby brother Brock. Though not able to convey words, it is as if Brock is saying, "hey, what about ME?!"

May it be known that this was Brock's first baseball game through which he endured the loud music, rain delays, and screaming fans and his first fireworksshow (which he loved)

Brock couldn't quite make it to the 7th inning stretch and settled for a 2nd inning nap with Grandpa Carl
The nap came in handy so that he could catch the fireworks show!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A 3 Year Old's Birthday

How do you describe a 3 year old's birthday? Well, here goes . . .

It was . . .

A birthday walk down to the temple is always inspiring

Grandma Vicki unleashed the super powers with a reversible cape marked with a "P" on the back.


We celebrated at Spring Mobile Ballpark for a Bees game. A little rain couldn't dampen this birthday especially when you are eating a bag of Cracker Jack.


The Fireworks after the game were awesome and loved by this birthday boy.


Brittany's present rocked as Parker didn't want to open any other presents because of this sweet present.

Making a birthday wish at the temple reflection pool

Grandma and Grandpa Esplin have hopes for another fisherman in the family

Parker is still riding his "orange" bike. After a good nights rest, a nap, or a ride in the car, Parker makes his plea to "ride my orange bike that I got for my birthday"


For months Parker has requested a "Buzz cake". Request granted.

In short, when there is a parade for your birthdaywith dignitaries waving at you, you know that it is a pretty special birthday!
When asked which member of the First Presidency he wanted to see in the parade his response was, "President Monson". Parker's birthday wish was granted as he waved as President Monson drove by.
Seeing the Governor of Utah drive by also was a nice birthday touch.

Happy Birthday Parker

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seven is Heaven

Home can be a heaven on earth...when it is filled with love! Okay, you are thinking cheeeeesssy! Me, too, but it is true. We are far from perfect, but life is grand! I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful boys. We have our days we want to pull our hair out, and we have our days that we laugh our heads off. That is the joy of being able to wake up every morning together and wonder what the day will bring. You are always careful about what you pray for because you usually get what you ask for. I am so happy those prayers are answered. I have been given my best friend and two boys sent straight from heaven (most days).
Thank you Devin for being my best friend and giving me another heavenly year! I love you!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

First 5K of the Season

It is official...we are in it for the long haul. This 4thof July Huntington Heritage Days run kicked off the racing season for me. It will be the first of many, hopefully, until we hit our half marathon in September. It made me so excited and nervous toget out and race instead of running for fun in the mornings each day as we train.
I was so happy to have my sis, Britt, home for the weekend to jump in with me and my great friend Amanda to push me along. My "boys" are the best to keep me going and be my constant cheerleaders.
This is a whole different adrenaline rush than sprinting was in my younger years. I love it and love the motivation it gives me to work towards a new goal to accomplish.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Honey Birds"

One of Parker's favorite things to do at grandma's is feed the "honey birds".

It really is no surprise as at times it seems as though Parker is just like those "honey birds".

Good times


On the night before the 4th Parker enjoyed a neighborhood display of fireworks. We pulled out our fireworks and promised a similar show the following night when it was dark.

The following morning Parker was in our room requesting to shoot off some fireworks. He plead his case with the following arguments:

1) It's dark.

He did have a good point here. We told him that we could shoot them off when it was dark. It was 5:30 AM and it was dark.

2) "I got a good rest".

Again another good argument but by then it wasn't dark.

Despite his arguments we compromised by showing him the scene from "Sandlot" where the kids play ball under the lights of the fireworks. This seemed to satisfy him for the time being.

Finally night came and the show began. One firework would have been worth it by watching his reaction. The fireworks triggered an excitement in him that boiled out with non stop commentary. Parker would sit on the blanket by mom and grandma and huddle up close to them as the fireworks went off. On occasion he would make a run for it only to respond, "that was really fun". After the grand finale we asked Parker what he thought and his response was, "that was a good show dad".

Yes it was Parker, good show! It was worth waiting until dark.

PS - Parkers requests for fireworks at "grandmas" continued the following nights when it would get dark.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The Fourth of July provided a different type of fireworks than expected.

While playing on the rocks outside of Grandma and Grandpa's house he slipped and fell into a cactus. As a result there were multiple "pokies" sticking out of Parkers feet. Naturally the screaming began and the medical personnel swooped in. It took two of us to hold him down while Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Brittany each removed the "pokies" from his foot.

Of course such a traumatic experience needed proper soothing and comfort. This was provided by Grandpa as he commenced in telling Parker how he one day fell into the cactus when he was a boy. Brittany provided medical attention by holding and putting a band-aid on his foot. Grandma provided the sock that Parker requested because apparently socks make everything feel better (it did for his baseball injury earlier this summer). Of course mom provided the wiping of tears and words of comfort.

The Aftermath:

Such a traumatic experience was not soon forgotten. Parker continued to nurse his foot and rehearse to everybody the incident. He spent the night wearing the sock and miraculously the next day was running around as if nothing happened.

He may forget, but it was a show that we may never forget