Wednesday, February 25, 2009

7 Months and Growing...

Holy Cow!  Yesterday I was thinking, "In a few days Parker will be.... oh wait, today Parker is 7 months."  Where has the time gone.  I always heard mothers say, "they grow up so fast", but not until I became a mother did I believe them.  This little "chunky monkey" is the best thing to happen to us.  He is the cutest, most fun child.  He is so content, until he gets mad or realizes I'm gone.  I love that he is attached for the moment because in the next "moment" he will want to be on his own.  I cherish the times I get to snuggle with him, to rock him to sleep as he sucks on my neck to soothe himself. (He won't take a binkie) He is now up to a whopping 17 lb. 13 oz. but is still 26 1/2 inches long.  I think he needs to start working on those ball handling skills because I foresee point guard, not center.  We love him just the same!  Happy 7 months!

Sweet Girls, Sweet Calling!

I have had the best callings in our ward.  I play the piano for junior primary and I love those kids! My other calling was 2nd counselor in the Young Women's.  These girls are the best!  This past Sunday was a kicker though, as you  could tell with Parker, but what made it even harder was the release from one of my callings...Young Womens.  I thought I had all the tears out before Sunday, but no.  The floods gates opened again.  I love these girls!  After after serving with them for almost 4 years, it is a little hard to let go of them.  They are so sweet, loving, and very forgiving for putting up with me this long.  We've had so many good times, and created many memories that I hope to never forget.  They have taught me much more than I have taught them.  I will forever be grateful to Heavenly Father for the opportunity that I have had to serve and love these girls.  I hope to stay close to them and continue to watch them grow from beautiful young women to amazing women who will lead us!  Thank you girls!  I love you all and will miss seeing you every week.  You are the greatest!
Our Amazing girls at New Beginnings - Nov. 2008
Girl's Camp 2006
Girl's Camp 2006 Cute Lacey and Shelby
Ice Blocking in Ferron

I guess I should mention the new calling I have received.  I am the new Activities Chairperson. It will be a definite change, and exciting new adventure to tackle.  Hopefully with my amazing new committee we will be able to rock the whole ward!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Parker "Sunday's" - A real "treat"

It's obvious that Parker has taken over every aspect of our life, from the time that we go to bed the morning wakings, to the entertainment that we are able and not able to participate in.  We welcome this adjustment to our lifestyle and find joy in the memories that are happening.  Because of this, Sunday has a new spin to it.  Here is a sample of how our Sunday's go:

5:14 AM - The "Parker" alarm goes off and wakes us up for our early morning meeting that mom and dad need to be at (This has been a more reliable alarm than the clock)

6:15 AM - Parker is ready for church in his Sunday best.  Mom now takes her turn

6:17 AM - Knowing that Parker is ready, dad resurrects from his slumber

6:32 AM - Dad entertains Parker with the "piggies" game (gotta love those simple pleasures)

6:55 AM - Off to our meetings (only reason why we are on time is thanks to Parker)

7:05 AM - Parker fast asleep - meeting begins - Do you see a connection???

8:25 AM - Meeting adjurn, mom off to ward choir, dad on baby sitting duty

8:35 AM - Parker gets one last treat to gear up for Church

9:00 AM - All is well and reverent on the front pew in the Chapel

9:07 AM - Parker joins in the singing (watch out Mormon tabernacle choir)

9:22 AM - Parker entertaining the "sisters" behind him

9:45 AM - Fussiness and tiredness set in, dad rescues him and takes him to the hallway

9:47 AM - Parker pointing at the World map while dad asks him where he goes.  Parker points to Antartica!  Dad takes Parker on mission tour telling him where all of his family have been on missions

9:49 AM - Dad feels a sense of pride for his son going on a mission

9:55 AM - Parker asleep, transfer back to front a success!

10:17 AM - Nap interrupted by anxious onlookers.  Dad takes Parker to Sunday School

10:35 AM - Parker thinks its fun to pull socks off and drop them on the floor.  Brother Sprague does the "laundry" by picking them up for him.

11:07 AM - Transfer to mom a relief for Parker.  Dad to priesthood, mom to Young Women's for one last time.

11:13 AM - Dad checks on Parker and mom, Parker is singing along once again with the Young Women.

11:47 AM - Dad hears Parker out in the hall.  Mom returns to Young Women while dad does diaper duty.

12:02 PM - Diaper change complete, church over, off to support mom in her new calling.  

12:08 PM - Mom set apart to new calling, a young woman takes Parker after 4 others wanted to hold him.

12:32 PM - Return home from church, grab a snack from mom, and off to bed!  (It's those early morning meetings that wore him out!)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Burn Victim

Yes, I did it again.....  Hurt the little one.  Our little guy is one tough cookie.  It is amazing to me every day just how resilient that kids really are.  Well, I was baking a b-day cake for Devin.  I took in out of the oven with Parker in the other arm.  I was holding him far away, but before I could grab him he had reached across me for the cake.  I ran for the sink and ran his had under the cold water for 5 min.  I thought that was long enough, but four blisters showed up on his four fingers.  At least it wasn't five? Through all this the only time he cried was when he first touched the pan and it never bothered him after.
I'm so glad that baby's skin heals so quickly.  I put the neosporin  on every day, and we even tried band-aids.  That lasted one night 
with a sock over it.  Hopefully that will be the last of accidents for a little while.  Some super mom I am.
Treatment for the burn - sock hand

Still smiling through it all!

Happy Late B-day!

I've been wanting to post about Britt, but I haven't had the B-day pictures I wanted.  Now I have them.  Britt is the best sis in the whole world.  I love her so much and am so grateful we fell into the same family.  Even though she is six years younger she is my best friend!  She is amazing in all aspects.  I look up to her, of course physically, but even more than that as a wonderful example.  She's always been fun, stylish, and one crazy girl.  She has taught me in so many ways.  
Thanks Britt for being my sis, friend, and now Parker's amazing aunt!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday, SUPER MOM!

Mom in action!

Surprisingly Super Bowl Sunday has not been deemed a national holiday though it has become a Sunday giant for almost every household in America.  Today I witnessed another "Super" and it all happened even before kickoff!  This is how the day went for this "Super Mom"

1:00 AM - The day "kicks off" with Parker screaming, attempts to sleep through it are             fruitless.  Mom is up while dad offers sleepy support.
2:07 AM - Parker and mom asleep on the couch
3:37 AM - Mom attempts putting Parker to sleep, attempt failed, back to feeding.
5:00 AM - Screaming from nearby room, dad thinks "Should I get up and help?", screaming stops, no sign of mom.  Mom rescued once again.
6:32 AM - Dad awake getting ready for meeting finds mom in the kitchen stirring up dinner for this afternoon, Parker in the other hand.
8:58AM - Mom audibly expresses disgust from the second row in the chapel as Parker spit up his morning "carrots"
9:42 AM - Dad spots blood on Parker. Parker's hands are bleeding from blisters.  Mom to the rescue with baby wipes.
9:00-10"06 AM - Mom endures not only stinky diaper but dad's breath resembling diaper smell
10:01 AM - Tears trickling down mom's face.  Caused by smells????
10:02 AM - Realization as to why mom is crying as she bares a beautiful heartfelt testimony from the pulpit
10:06 AM - After successfully putting Parker to sleep on the bench mom is off to play the Piano for Primary
11:04 AM - Mom off to her Young Women's responsibilities
11:17 AM - Mom checks on dad in Elder's quorum to see if Parker is alive.  Having found all well and the whole quorum asleep she returns to her Young Women's duties.
12:18 PM - Mom back at home stirrin' up some Ham Fried Rice (it is Chinese New Years!) for in laws
12:42 PM - Sits down to eat
12:44 PM - Finished eating (no time for chopsticks!)
12:45 PM - Feeding discontent Parker (evidently jealous of Fried Rice)
1:30 PM - Quality time with son strengthening his legs by standing him up
2:22 PM - Bids farewell to being host to inlaws with hugs and waves.
3:00 PM - Out for a Sunday stroll with Parker nestled in stroller.
3:47 PM - Return home from 2 mile stroll
3:48 PM - Cozied up with the scriptures in hand on the couch
3:49PM - Finding rest while "pondering" the scriptures! (halftime!)

Though Super Bowl Sunday is once a year, this Super mom does it day in and day out.  Truly she is fittingly the Super Mom on this Super Sunday!