Sunday, August 24, 2008


After spending days couped up in the confines of our own home, we gradually swung open the doors to visitors. Among the eager visitors have been neighbors, friends, former students, and family, all anxious to catch a glimpse of the latest Esplin addition. Each visit is treasured as Parker has been able to spend precious time with each one. Among the highlights in Parker's life have been visits from

  • A visit from Grandma and Grandpa Esplin from Cedar City who not only spoiled him with love but showered him with gifts galore.

  • Ryan and Becca and their family also ventured off the beaten path to catch a peek.

  • Cammie and the two little meowzers from Salt Lake also made their presence felt as they too stopped by and said hello to their new cousin

  • Grandma and Grandpa Pollastro have graciously opened their doors to Parker visiting their home, not to mention them coming here to spend time with him.

  • A trip up to Spanish Fork for a 60th wedding anniversary allowed Parker to see more cousins, aunts and uncles and excited (thats an understatement) Great Grandparents Swenson.

  • 5 volleyball girls after a volleyball tournament

  • The bishopric, each attempting to calm down a screaming Parker by passing him around like he was a hot potato

  • Grandpa Gus and his repitoire of Itallian Lullaby's

Parker looks forward to meeting more and more of his family and friends as he continues to be the "ticket" for all to see!


After sifting through a year's worth of pictures by parents attempting to capture each precious moment, here are some of the favorites from our "little buddy" who is the center of our lives. Happy One Month Parker!