Tuesday, June 4, 2013


It took every bit of the pregnancy for us to come up with a name for Kolby.

It took a matter of a day for Kolby to collect 3 nicknames:

"Chip Kolby Carl"

I must confess that I like the name Chip and so I have been telling everybody that I wanted to name the baby Chip.  Parker caught on and also said that he liked the name.  It got to the point that Parker would write his name all over his drawings and on random things all over the house.

When he came to the hospital for the first time to meet his brother he had been calling him "Chip Kolby Carl".

So I guess I finally get a "Chip" in the family!

"Baby Carl"

Apparently something got lost in translation when told that the baby's name was going to be Kolby Carl as he was calling Kolby "Baby Carl" when he came and visited him in the hospital.


The nurses at the hospital were great.  One of the nurses was very outspoken and opinionated.  Whenever she would refer to Kolby she would call him "Pipsqueak".  True, probably every baby she has attended received the same nickname, but Kolby is now added to that list.

Brotherly love

When the boys woke up Tuesday morning (June 4, 2013) they must have been surprised (and excited) to see that Grandma Vicki was in the home (We had already given the boys a heads up that we may leave in the middle of the night so that they wouldn't be confused or worried when they woke up).  Grandma told them the good news that they had a new baby brother!  Having eaten some breakfast and getting ready they came over to greet their little brother.

Having spent a tiring morning in the hospital and being exhausted it was refreshing to have the boys and Grandma come by as our first visitors.  It was a joy to watch the excitement on the boys faces to see this new addition.  Parker was anxious to hold him and made the comment "I'm never going to let him go".  Brock on the other hand seemed a little hesitant and confused as to what was happening but seeing that Parker was excited made him want to do what Parker was doing.

Having Kolby in the home for the first few days has been exciting for the boys.  They are constantly asking, "Can I hold Kolby" and "Where is Kolby".  Parker loves telling his friends that he has a new little brother and what his name is.  Brock also loves to hold him but also shows his love by sitting in his chair and seeking some attention of his own.

Witnessing this truly is an example of "brotherly love".

 Parker a few days after Kolby was born
 Brock taking every chance to look at Kolby

Kolby Carl Esplin

Melissa was a state champion sprinter in high school.  Fittingly, when kids come to the Esplin home, they come in a hurry.

The early hours of June 4th were eventful as Melissa went into labor.  Upon feeling contractions we called Melissa's mom to give her a head's up that we would be heading into the hospital.  Another call was made to our good friend Bishop Labrum who we had come over and help administer a blessing to Melissa as well as sleep on our couch and watch the boys as Melissa's mom made the trip down here to watch the boys.

As we were driving over it was obvious that this baby was going to be coming fast.  Dad was obedient to mom's pleas to which the police didn't quite understand as we were pulled over just outside Huntington.  After kindly explaining our situation the officer was gracious and on our way we went.  We pulled into the hospital at 1:48 AM as Melissa was officially admitted.

Within 3 hours after being admitted at 4:14 AM, Melissa gave birth to our third son Kolby Carl Esplin. Of the 3 boys he was the longest at 22 inches.  He weighed 7 lbs 2 oz. and had a full head of hair.

As always mom was a champ and Dr. Shane Gagon was great during the delivery.

Dr. Shane Gagon