Friday, January 30, 2009

My Guy!


Happy Birthday to my sweet husband!  Now he has caught up to me again for another year and has hit the big 28!  There are so many things that describe Devin but here are 28.
1. Patient
2. Kind
3. Loving
4. Forgiving
5. Funny
6. Hard Worker
7. Giving
8. Dedicated
9. Understanding
10. Fun-loving
11. Inquisitive
12. Good listener
13. Cares for the one
14. Strong Testimony
15. Creative
16. Respectful
17. Amazing father
18. Gentle
19. Great Desire to Learn
20. Loved by many
21.  Outstanding teacher
22. Loves Sports
23. Clean and organized (mostly)
24. Smooth Writer
25. Very social
26. Loves the outdoors (yardwork)
27 Willing to help with everything
28. One Loving Husband who I couldn't live with out!  

You deserve the best because you are the best!  I love you forever!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My little "WaterBoy"

Even though everyone says Parker looks like Devin, I have decided that he can take after me in other ways... Water!  Every time I have my Nalgene bottle with me and I take a sip he has to have one too.  The other day he was sitting at the table with us and reached to grab the water. So, I let him have it.  He couldn't get into the top so he decided to put his sucking abilities to the test!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bring On Chinese New Year!

Everyone should celebrate Chinese New Year for it is the Chinese that we are indebted to for so many things.  If you don't believe me, grab your chopsticks and pull up your bamboo chair and listen up.  Here are some reasons why you ought to celebrate Chinese New Year!

  *Fireworks that would even make those Wyomin' folk jealous!



  *Bamboo!  (You can do anything with this stuff!)

 * They have cool hats!!

 * They speak a language that even banging pots and pans together can't imitate!

  *They know how to put on a celebration!  (Olympics!)

  *They have "mini" towns dotted all around the world and own just about every Chinese  Buffet!

  *Jackie Chan


  *They have animals for new years!  we have stars!?  Give me cool animals like dragons, bulls, and roosters!

 *Kung Fu Panda

  *Classic Literature!  (The 5 Chinese Brothers!)

There is no convincing me, I'm hopping on the Chinese Golden Dragon Train!  With Chinese New Year knocking on the door there will be much celebration and rice eating for this wanna be China man!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


6 Months have transpired and we have logged just about every historic moment in Parker's  life (much to readers pleasure I am sure), from his entry to this world, to the splashing success of a bath to gobbling down every scrumptious bite of deliciousness known as "solids".  What then should be done in honor of his 6 month mark?  Well lets let the chubby wanna squeeze your cheeks, blue eyed, "little buddy" show off with some recent pics!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Iron Chef - TV at its finest

If you like play by play cooking and a secret ingredient that will make your stomach churn (my personal favorite was rabbit), then Iron Chef America is right up your alley.  Over the holidays my brothers introduced this thrill a minute competition between chefs in what is known as "Kitchen stadium".  We were hooked or should I say "cooked" from the first time I watched it.  This has since become one of our favorite shows and just might be incorporated into our own Sunday dinner in the near future.  If you too want to get in on the fun then you can find it on the Food network.  May you enjoy and in the words of a phrase used on the show, "Alla Cuisine!"  I'm sure you'll be hearing more from our Iron Chef "fans" in the future!

The Buffet is Open

Parker's menu has now expanded to include real food.  Currently on the menu is rice and from the looks of things, he might as well use chopsticks to keep his face clean.  This milestone event had been anticipated and analyzed for a few weeks now.  With spoon in hand Mom successfully ventured out into unchartered territory.  Much to her relief and delight Parker ate everything.  What's next on the menu?  We can only hope he escapes the clutches of green beans, oatmeal, and lima beans.  We'll leave that in the charge of the chef!!

What's for dinner?

"Wait, can I lick the bowl?"
"I like this waitress!"

Monday, January 5, 2009

I Demand a Re-count

After months of campaigning and insider polling the results are in about who Parker most resembles and despite sneaking Parker a pack of baseball cards here and there from dad, the people still thought that he resembles Mom.  Like always, mom is the winner.  I guess it is only fair, she does change him, feed him, change him, feed him, sing songs to him, play with him, feed him, change him, and on and on and on and on.  Dad does feel good that he beat out the postman (2 votes) and Big Papi though we are still hoping he can hit like him.  Now that the numbers are in we want to hear what is it about Parker that resembles mom or did Mom play some politics as well?

Growing Up TOO Fast

As we (mostly Melissa) brace ourselves to delve into the wonderful world of "solids" we find ourselves hesitant to move forward because it would be admitting that Parker is growing up.  Well, nothing seems to stop him from new sounds, and new tricks, so bring on the good stuff! I am pleased that he will begin with rice which brings back wonderful memories of daily rice while in Taiwan.  True rice is all over the world but for me, it all began in China! It is perfect timing with Chinese New Year knocking on the door!  Whatever the case may be, our "little buddy" is growing up way to fast.  Just check out these pics to see how!