Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eleven is Heaven - well mostly

Despite a few bumps and bruises here and there and the occasional Uncle Christian tricks, Parker has survived 11 months in our home.  These months have been filled with nothin' but heaven (I like that word for rhyming purposes ).  

Here is our 11 month angel and his "heavenly" skills (couldn't think of a more manly term so this will have to do!  It was better than devil which dad always gets called!)

Taking over dad's spot in bed

stealin' the M&M's from Bishops office

Christian "tricks" (Yes he was laughing!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still divine at 29!

Birthdays sometimes seem like just another day when you get to be an adult.  Back in the day birthdays were anticipated for months and the excitement would build and build.  Yesterday I felt like a kid again and went to sleep so happy and a little worn out from such an awesome birthday. I will say that I have the best family and friends in the world who made my birthday a memorable 29!  
It all started at 6:30 a.m. I went out to meet my friends for our morning walk and found them standing on the driveway with balloons, candy, and COLDSTONE cupcakes!  I was so shocked and so happy!  Tiff, Amanda, Christy, and Jacqueline were so sweet.  After the walk we came back an devoured those cupcakes!  They were divine!
Devin then surprised me with homemade yummy waffles, strawberries and whip cream; a wonderful breakfast!  After that he called my mom to come over and watch Parker because he had planned a canoe ride and picnic lunch at Joe's Valley.  It was so much fun and we couldn't have asked for better weather.  The reservoir was like glass.  It was a gorgeous site to enjoy all by ourselves.  Alone time that doesn't happen all that often.  :)  
Later that evening, my mom made us an awesome dinner with BBQ balsamic chicken, corn on the cob, potatoes, salad, and cheesecake!  Thanks mom!  You're the best!  She again watched Parker for us as we went to the movie "Up".  Alone time once again.  It was a great movie to top off the night.  I recommend it!
I truly felt loved with the many phone calls from family and friends throughout the day and am so thankful for each one of you!  You made my day!
My husband is one of a kind and knows how to treat a girl!  I was reminded once again yesterday why I married him!  He treats me like a queen!  Thanks honey!  And Parker, he doesn't realize it, but he makes me happy every day and yesterday he was so good and everything went so smooth with him to make the day even better!
Life is still divine at 29!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Usually it is all about me but today it is all about YOU!

Lookin' back I've realized that you were young just like me!  Here is the proof:

Lovin' those animals!

Temple trips with the fam

Grandma time

Wild & Crazy

Family fun

Just to show that intensity!  (I've seen that before!)

YEP that's my mom!  She's still got it!

You've done so much for me, look at what I can do for you!:  

I'll read you a book!

I'll play you some tunes!

I'll even let Dad change my diapers!

I'll help out with the laundry

I'll take a nice long nap (no guarantees)

Mom I know I can never do enough for you but I'm workin on it!  I'm only 10 months you know!  Happy Birthday anyway!  I love you mom!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


What happens when Grandpa babysits?  Anything I want!  
Parker has it down already.  He wears him out and gets what he wants.  It can't get any better than that. 

Thanks Grandpa Carl!  Love ya!

Baby Food...YUCK!

It has happened!  Parker resists that yummy, flavorful baby food and has moved on to bigger and better things....chowing down on everything that everyone else is eating!  About a few weeks ago Parker kept pushing my hand away every time I would give him baby food.  His jaw would be in lock down mode and his head turned as far as it could go to stay away from whatever I was putting in there.  Of course me being the nervous mom, I didn't dare give him everything we were eating until we went to Dr. Madsen.  He assured me that Parker was now old enough to let him eat what we were eating.  He is now a little man and loves his grown-up food, just in smaller chunks!  Oh happy and sad day all at once!
Lasagna with homemade marinara sauce!
Famous Pizza Factory Salad bar
Blue Popcicle (thanks to our cute neighbor Cambri)
Many for foods to follow!  Look out!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cedar City Trip

With school out we took advantage of the time to make a trip to Cedar.  After the trip we found ourselves looking back and asking ourselves the question:

How much can be done in one trip?
- 12 Hours of ed net classes
- 9 Hours of travel
- 2 Trips to "Maggie Moo's"
- Lock keys in the car
- Play in the sand box
- Speak at a Youth Conference
- Watch future hall of famer nephew play baseball game
- Study in library
- Babysit nephews and niece in a quest to become favorite "aunt"
- Had hitch put on Durango
- Pop tires in stroller
- Gain a new nickname "Parkster" (Thanks Tanner)
- More studying in the library
- Visiting with Grandma & Grandpa
- Visited cemetery 
- Eat some fresh rhubarb!
- Go out to lunch with friends
- Lunch at Pizza Factory with Grandma Esplin
- Show off my walking skills (with help of course)
- Showering of gifts and coins for Parker
- Quick stop for some Beaver Cheese Curds (no trip is complete without!)

With all that we did there was much that we longed to do:
- Go to the "Green Shack" for a shaved ice
- Go swimming with the cousins
- Go to Maggie Moo's for a third visit
- Go up to the cabin
- Visit more with family
- Game of Pickle ball

We look forward to many more trips down south, preferably minus the school and study aspect.