Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Usually it is all about me but today it is all about YOU!

Lookin' back I've realized that you were young just like me!  Here is the proof:

Lovin' those animals!

Temple trips with the fam

Grandma time

Wild & Crazy

Family fun

Just to show that intensity!  (I've seen that before!)

YEP that's my mom!  She's still got it!

You've done so much for me, look at what I can do for you!:  

I'll read you a book!

I'll play you some tunes!

I'll even let Dad change my diapers!

I'll help out with the laundry

I'll take a nice long nap (no guarantees)

Mom I know I can never do enough for you but I'm workin on it!  I'm only 10 months you know!  Happy Birthday anyway!  I love you mom!


Cammie said...

Happy birthday!!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday! Hope the cupcakes are good (they LOOKED good!!)

Shadoe said...

Happy Birthday Melissa.

I hope all is well. I hope your birthday was amazing, I thought about you all day. Your little guy is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Since we had to leave you a message last night, I will leave a note on here for you this morning. Happy Birthday sis. I love ya and wish the best for you. Take care and see ya soon.