Friday, January 25, 2013

Raising prophets and missionaries

Recently, the following comments were made to me and my wife:

"So that is what it is like to raise a prophet."

The other:

"The Lord must trust you to raise missionaries."

Both comments were kind and very humbling. These comments came from the following experiences:

Sunday January 20,2013 - "raising a prophet"

Parker loves to sing. He is well taught in the home and is exposed to the primary classics. Upon Parker's request he decided that he wanted to sing in church. With moms help he chose "scripture power". Much effort was put into this including trips to the chapel to practice in front of the microphone. When the time arrived he walked up to the pulpit and faced the 250+ audience with courage. He first recited the 8th article of faith by memory and then sang scripture power. The audience surely made him a little timid but he valiantly sang it word for word and even got a fist pump in for "scripture power". As a father I couldn't help but wonder "what kind of parent makes his kid go through this?" while simultaneously being proud of my son. After collecting Jolly Ranchers from Bishop Magnuson he told mom that "I was a little nervous but it felt good inside." Needless to say that he touched some hearts today

Monday, January 21, 2013 - "raising missionaries"

In much anticipation we traveled to Price today to see how the baby was doing and as a bonus see if we were adding to the basketball team or if we were adding a new color to our home. We were informed that we would be having a healthy baby boy. In our excitement we sent out texts and social media messages to which we had wonderful support. Among the comments that were most touching were, "the Lord must trust you to raise missionaries."

Both comments are kind and overwhelming and in some cases unbelievable. But then I am reminded of the mom that they have who is as the mothers of the stripling warriors and think to myself, "perhaps they are right".