Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

It was a cold day in Helper but it was heartwarming to take some time to remember those who have gone before.

With a baby screaming and Parker clinging to me we set off in the Helper cemetery to find "Grandpa Gus". After a little bit of a search we found Grandpa Gus and Grandma Glenna. Parker was excited as he jumped up and down and said, "we found him, we found him, he's right here." We took a few minutes and I tried to explain the situation to Parker.

With Brock screaming it was a very short trip, but to see the excitement of Parker as he once again remembered his namesake was worth the trip and I can't help but think of how true Parker's words were, "we found him, he's right here".

You are right Parker, he is "right here" and not only did we "find him" but one day you will unite with him one more day.
For Brock, this was his first encounter with Grandma and Grandpa Pollastro. Surely he became acquainted with them prior to joining the family and surely he knows what a great legacy he has in his blood.

For experiences like these and when our thoughts and hearts go out to our families, is a reason why Memorial Day is becoming one of my favorite holidays. Not to mention we sneak a BBQ in sometime that weekend.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

May Favorites

Sometimes there just isn't time to blog everything, so I will let the pictures do the talking of an eventful month of may

Brock - 5 Months

It seems like yesterday that Brock was born. He is now 5 months. At times it may seem that Brock gets lost among his dominant brother. It seems though that Brock is just fine with that. If there is one thing that has stood out the most to us about Brock is his content and peaceful temperament. Perhaps this stands out more because of how opposite he is of Parker at this stage in his life. Parker seemed to let himself be heard, while Brock seems to be in the background and "happy to be there".

Despite this, there are some things that haven't gone unnoticed these past 5 months, especially to mom and dad

Top 5 in 5

1 - His easiness to smile. He will smileon cue, just for you

2 - Sleeping though the nights. He sleeps through the nights like a champ

3 - His easy going personality

4 - Toughing out bouts with sickness. RSV

5 - Watching him love his brother as much as he brother loves him

Kung Fu Parker

With mom gone to Hawaii, dad made an attempt to spend some quality time with his boy. There seemed to be no better solution (seeing as how we had already played some baseball) than take him to a movie. The movie? Kung Fu Panda 2! By the time it was over, it should have been called Kung Fu Parker!

Check out this kung fu:

Here is a little "pre-movie" kung fu routine

And here is after witnessing kung fu. A little blurry but I think you can see the Kung fu emerging

The movie was great. Parker seemed a little restless, especially when his foot got stuck in the chair and the people behind us had to take his shoe off to stop the screaming. All in all he enjoyed it and will be practicing his kung fu skills until the DVD comes out.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Now I Get It - "I Get it, I Get it"

You know how you hear the phrase, "You just don't understand" and when you hear that your response is, "yeah I do" as if that phrase will pacify them. Sometimes it does, but it is sure to come back to haunt you, because really, "you don't understand".

Having my wife gone for a week and being solo with the kids I believe qualifies me, in a very small way, for saying "yeah I do". Spending this week alone with the boys is like crying "uncle" and pleading out, "I get it, I get it." Not that the boys were bad or that I was a bad dad it is just something about being in mom's shoes that helps you see why the following things occur that I now understand:

Now I get why . . . The minute I walk in the house, Melissa is out the door. Just for a breath of fresh air makes sense. Its as if you are smothered 24-7

Now I get why . . . Subway sounds like such an attractive offer instead of slaving over a stove. After a full day with them you want the menu placed in front of you instead of creating the menu.

Now I get why . . . bedtime is 8 PM, and I'm not just talking the boys' bed time.

Now I get why . . . adult conversation is to be craved for.

Now I get why . . . weather is not just a conversation starter but an excuse to let the kids out of the cage.

Now I get why . . . waking up at 3 in the morning is the only way to get things done that you want to get done.

Now I get why . . . you can't love these boys enough. Despite the long days, now it makes sense why being around them is so rewarding. The investment is great.

Though in some degree I think "I get it", most of me says, "I get it, thank you, because no matter how much I think I get it, I never will, because not only do you (mom) get it, but you are good at it. I just survived it, which in reality isn't getting it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Master Mother

There could be no better contrast than what occurred this weekend.

As I found myself getting caught up in the excitement and recognition of becoming a "master" it dawned on me how ironic this was as the people in our lives that truly are "masters" recieve little to no recognition yet their contribution and work far surpasses any tassel or diploma. This of course is that of being a "mother".

I am fortunate to have such a mother to watch every day. Truly it is like watching a master at work, something no diploma can ever recognize.

Planting "Pop" Corn

Though we have nursery nightmares (those caused by our well behaved son), we are pleasently pleased when he comes home with pictures, songs, and insights into what occurred in class. Normally we don't get the whole picture so we turn to the teachers for the story.

Following nursery today the nursery leader, Sister Mason, commented on what Parker had planted in his little cup during class. She said that he had planted "pop-corn". She then told me the story.

Apparently they had two choices to choose from, "beans" or "corn". Parker of course, knowing his vegetables, couldn't resist the opportunity to be the first to plant "pop-corn", so he told his teacher he wanted to plant "pop-corn".

And so his little cup sits in the windowsill waiting to become "pop-corn". Even I can't wait to see this happen.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's official -Master

Though completed in December, the title "Master" was made official this past weekend as the pomp and circumstance of graduation deemed this transition such.
Though fortunate and grateful to have accomplished this goal, I feel inadequate and grateful to those who I truly consider "masters" for their influence and love they have shown me through the years in this pursuit and in life. Truly this title is not reserved for one who happened to pass classes and write papers but to those who's love and encouragement provided for such.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ready For Church

I wasn't but a deacon (maybe teacher) before I learned to tie a tie.

At 2 plus, Parker has mastered the clip on (or so he thinks). While getting ready for church he looked in the mirror and repeated the phrase, "Ready for church". After soaking in the moment I realized how fast he is growing up and how "un-ready" we are for him to grow up. The moment he starts tying his own tie and dumps the clip on is a day we are already dreading.