Thursday, January 28, 2010

Determination to buckle up!

On Monday, Jan. 25th, I was doing the laundry.  I went to get some more dirty clothes to stick in the washer. When I came back I found Parker in this little umbrella stroller trying to buckle himself up.  I thought he would follow me when I left the room, not thinking this would last too long.  I came in and out checking to see where he was and lo and behold he continued sitting in the stroller working on this task.  All I could do was laugh.  This work continued for at least 15 min.  It has to be a record!  He has never stuck to the same thing for this long.  Persistence is a quality he possesses or is at least working on!  Keep it going because it pays off some time.

18 months or 18 years?

You would think this 18 month old was 18 years old.  He is bigger than life and running the show. I used to think I was the only one that got my way for so long, but no we have a new guy in town that takes the cake!  He is strong willed and full of life.  When he wants something done there is no stopping him.  Even if it takes him turning on the "siren" cry.  You know what I am talking about if you've heard it!  He is so fun.  He loves to laugh.  He loves to dance and sing. He loves his car.  He definitely loves his "Buzz."  He loves his bath.  He loves to push buttons (especially mine).  He keeps us going and that is why we love him!

January 24, 2010 - 18 months
26.2 lbs  32 in. tall

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Parker Picasso

Similarities between Parker and Picasso are already becoming evident.  Ears and art have now made their connection.  Art lessons have officially begun (thanks to mom) and it looks like we have a Picasso on our hands.  Here is his very first art piece.  We like to call it - "The Circle of Life".  The bidding will begin the day we figure out if he ever becomes a real artist.  For now we will just enjoy the scribbles and be thankful that it isn't on the wall . . . . yet.

Hat Head

Parker is deifinitely a hat person.  Recently he has been putting a hat on every time we turn around.  Check out these latest styles

Dad couldn't be more proud!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Keep your snowblowers in your garage

Having lived in Emery county for almost 5 years now I have learned to appreciate, embrace, and enjoy the differences in how things are done here.  The snow storms of the past week revealed another "treasure" of living in Emery County.

When the snow flew, tractors and four wheelers took to the streets to do what I always thought snow plows and snow blowers do.  Not the case in Emery county.  With little hesitation these "farm monsters" swarmed into action relieving what would have been some serious lifting.  Being "old school" and sporting the "shovel" to remove snow I felt out of place as tractors and four wheelers out did my "Paul Bunyan"attempt and swiftly took care of business.

And so now I look forward to more snow storms because I look forward to seeing  how people reach out to others, whether it be by shovel, snow blower, and yes even by tractor!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mia and Grandma... Visitors!

What's better than having visitors in Castle Dale?  It doesn't happen as often as we would like, but when it does there are nothing but good times.  Last week Grandma Vicki and little Mia came over.  My mom had been baby sitting Mia while Carson and Nykelle enjoyed Mexico.  I am jealous.  Anyway, it was fun to have Mia around.  Parker loves having babies near.  I guess it's nice to have someone smaller than him.  He enjoyed the time she was there, he even had to get her one of his hats to be like him.  It was so cute to watch their excitement for each other. Nothing better than family time at his own pad!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Taming the Monster

This is the monster in wait

More than any other day of the week it seems as though the "Monster" is unleashed the moment that the chapel doors open.  Whether it be the appeal of a group of men carrying trays or people filing up the aisle to sing in the choir, Parker seems to thrive on all of the "possibilities" that church has to offer.  Here are our futile attempts at taming the "Monster" that Parker becomes at Church:

Sacrament Cup - this is good for a solid ten minutes.  He enjoys sharing the empty cup, saliva and all, with mom and dad.  This is such a good distraction for Parker that I am starting to petition for refills.

The "pew" behind us - Fellow church goers beware.  If you sit behind the Esplins you better have tough knuckles and have hearing aides that work.  This usually buys us five minutes.

Fruit Snacks - often provided by Sister Foote (John Deere tractor ones) are always a hit, especially because he can make the noise like the tractor if we wish.

Sheriff "Will" (my personal preference) - In Parker's wandering's, his buddy Will (a few years older than Parker) makes sure that Parker finds his way back to his bench as he walks him hand in hand back to mom and dad.

After two trips up the stairs to the podium and two exits out the door, Parker escaped sacrament meeting which meant that tactics had to be changed.  The following tactics have become great assets:  

Chairs - I don't know if it is because it seems like he is climbing a mountain or what but he loves to climb up and down chairs.  He could do this for hours until he sees a door that opens or closes

Bishop's office - Just today Parker discovered Bishop Lake's office.  After some confession and a "please" Parker came out of the office with a starburst.

The drinking fountain - The drinking fountain has become "living waters" for this monster. After holding up the line of anxious sunbeams and having soaked his sweater, Parker moves on to another distraction, never really forgetting to return to the "watering hole".

Though not all of these efforts have proved successful on a regular basis, the "Monster" is able to survive three hours of church.  Parker's introduction to nursery (2 weeks ago) seems to keep him in his cage for the time being.  Another milestone that couldn't come soon enough.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Only You Can Prevent . . .

Smokey says, only you can prevent forest fires.

So what would smokey say to parents who let their son stand too close to a fireplace? Apparently Smokey's preventative measures only extended to the forest as Parker learned the hard way, the dangers of fires. 

We went over for a quick trip to Price for Melissa's dad's birthday and Parker was enjoying getting warm by the fire with Grandpa.  All was well and Parker kept his distance until he reached back to grab Aunt Brittany only to realize that his arm was against the fireplace. Brittany played fire-woman as she swept him off to run his arm under cold water but the damage had been done.  

Parker's reaction?  Of course there was terror and tears that quickly subsided with mom's comfort.  A few phone calls and a trip to the doctor has started the healing process.  The good news is that it will heal without scarring, of course contingent on Melissa's attentive care  (of this Smokey would be proud).  Parker is being tough and occasionally shows off his arm to all who will give sympathy.

Lesson learned?  If only we would have just listened to Smokey.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Real Story - In response to Melissa's Laundry Post

Hate doing laundry?!  Sounds like a typical and almost believable story, until of course, you hear my side of the story.

I'm convinced that Melissa's negligence of laundry duty is in direct opposition to the clothes that I choose to wear, or in other words, Melissa is on "laundry strike".  On occasion (and this is my guilty plea) I do not wear "her preference" of clothes for an extended amount of time, no matter what hints or verbal threats (mild mind you) Melissa may make as I choose what to wear for each day.  Most days I can avoid this because I wear a white shirt and tie for 6 days of the week.  That is where this "laundry strike" and its timing comes into play.  It so happened that this piled up over the holidays, a time when I was home for many days.  Call it what you want, but to me it is obvious

So go ahead and have sympathy for Melissa's plight, but perhaps there is more to it than meets the "3 week old pile" eye.   Though greatful for all that Melissa does (and trust me I am piling high in debt to her for so much in this category) I just wanted to tell the real story!  Now I know how the big bad wolf feels!

Friday, January 8, 2010

You've got a friend in me

I don't know how you get your "buzz" fix (Toy Story style) but Parker will watch it just about any way you can imagine and at about every hour of the day.  After watching it now in the double digits and quickly approaching triple digits, it is easy to see how Parker gets his "buzz" for the day.

Nice and cozy with mom

up close and personal - front row seats

Drive thru . . . bike style . . .

(I know it is the movie "up" but you get the idea)
. . .Or the more traditional "cah" style
Or with the cousins

However you watch it Parker, you've got a friend in me!

Hectic Holiday Hustle

We joined in with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and here are the stats from this year's celebration:

5 different beds for Parker to find his "sweet dreams"
1 new addition (officially in the "church" books) to the family
1 sledding expedition with endless ski lifts for Parker and cousin Mia
2 Pinata explosions
1 night "out on the town"
2 "IChat" sessions allowing us to be "home" for the holidays with all of our family
1 Stroll around temple square
3 temple trips to 3 temples  
1 full day in the car (travel time)
50 episodes of Toy Story outdoing "Up" at the Esplin box office
3 shopping trips
6+ football games
1 trip to the airport 
3 meals "to go"
2 meals of "fine dining"
2 family church gatherings nearly doubling attendance for the congregation
1 Toy Parker really enjoyed
1600 grand total miles accumulated by the trusty Durango.

Through it all Parker proved patient and happy despite a few goings off of what is now known as the "siren" (the closest comparison that we can make to his cry).  With the help of family and his "cah" these episodes were bearable and enjoyable.  Though hectic, this holiday season once more came through triumphant as time was spent with what the holidays are all about.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blessings in disguise?

Often times I think I know what I want and when it needs to happen.  I am quickly reminded that it is not in my time frame or how it is supposed to happen.  On November 15, 2009 Devin and I went in for our 3rd IUI procedure in hopes that the 3rd time would be the charm.  On November 30th, I took a pregnancy test and to my surprise and total excitement it was a positive.  I went on to do blood work a couple of times and my numbers looked great.  Things continued to progress for a couple of weeks and plans started to be made for this new little one that would enter our home in August.  We came up with a plan to tell the family on Christmas. It was fun and exciting to let them all know, even though I was only 8 weeks along.  Three days later we were pumped to see the baby on an ultrasound and start to see the growth of this new little one.  I was super nervous as we entered the doctor's office.  As he started the ultrasound and was looking for the baby, I knew something wasn't right.  He was taking an awfully long time to find a heartbeat.  He just kept trying and even sent me to use the bathroom and come back to try again.  Still no flicker on the screen for us to see.  All I could think was how could this be happening?  It's not for real.  I had no sign or indication that this would be the outcome. I thought this visit to the doctor would be a happy one.  Well, we are given things that we never think will happen to us.  I wanted to ask why, but I knew it wasn't the right question.  All we could do when we left was pray for a miracle, and accept God's will, whatever that might be.  He knows us better than anyone and knows what we need to make us who we will become.  
A week went past and we went in again on Monday, Jan. 4th, for a follow-up.  We were hopeful, but I knew in the back of my mind what was coming.  The 2nd ultrasound showed no change.  I guess it was a little easier per-say this time to take the news, but I just felt a numbness and non-reality of this happening.  I have come to terms with it more now and know that God has a plan for our family and the timing of these little ones to come.  I know He is giving us the strength to bear this trial and send the peace when we need it most.  I know He is in control and that is the only thing I can hang on to at this time of my life.  The tears come and go, and I guess it is good to let it out, but I know these tears of pain will become tears of joy one day!  I know this because Heavenly Father has done this for us before!  So, I don't know why, but I know there is a reason and a learning experience happening again.  He knows me and my little family.  It is so nice to know that I am not alone in all of this.  I have been given a husband, who is my rock, a little boy, Parker, who is full of life, my amazing family, and wonderful friends! Thank you for your love and support!

Hangin' with Uncle Dustin

I love the fact of having family around to spend time with and to entertain our little Parker.  I think I get pretty boring most of the time, but we get to liven things up a bit when we head to Price.  Of course Grandma Vicki is there, Brittany has been home on break, and now we add Dustin to the mix!  It took Dustin a while to warm up to the kid thing, but since he has, Parker has had so much fun with him.  I love that he is home now and Parker has the chance to get to know one more of his family members! 

Caleb's Blessing day!

We ventured on another wonderful trip to Rock Springs, Wyoming, this past week to support the fam.  Christian and Cammie blessed their new little baby, Caleb.  He is the cutest chubs ever!  It was a fun filled weekend.  I love being able to be with family and enjoy just being together whenever possible.  Families are the greatest blessing we have and I wouldn't trade mine for the world!  Thanks Chris and Cam for letting us share in your wonderful blessing day for Caleb.
Grandpa & Grandma with the Grandkids
Carter, Parker, Mia, Cali, & Caleb
I love this pic with Britt and Parker.  She is so beautiful & he is so cute!


I think that ironing has to be one of the worst chores to do!  It seems to take me forever to muster up the time and energy to get it done.  Many times I have let the clothes pile up for weeks.  I think my record is 3 weeks.  This pile is the 3 week pile.  I would have every intention of doing it and then something else more important would come up like eating or sleeping or just plain ignoring that it really needed to be done.   Does anyone out there feel my pain?  If you have any other tricks for making this wonderful task any  easier feel free to let me know! Until then the ironing saga continues.