Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Only You Can Prevent . . .

Smokey says, only you can prevent forest fires.

So what would smokey say to parents who let their son stand too close to a fireplace? Apparently Smokey's preventative measures only extended to the forest as Parker learned the hard way, the dangers of fires. 

We went over for a quick trip to Price for Melissa's dad's birthday and Parker was enjoying getting warm by the fire with Grandpa.  All was well and Parker kept his distance until he reached back to grab Aunt Brittany only to realize that his arm was against the fireplace. Brittany played fire-woman as she swept him off to run his arm under cold water but the damage had been done.  

Parker's reaction?  Of course there was terror and tears that quickly subsided with mom's comfort.  A few phone calls and a trip to the doctor has started the healing process.  The good news is that it will heal without scarring, of course contingent on Melissa's attentive care  (of this Smokey would be proud).  Parker is being tough and occasionally shows off his arm to all who will give sympathy.

Lesson learned?  If only we would have just listened to Smokey.


Mower Family said...

Burns are the worst...we know that first hand too! Hope the healing process goes well!!

Jacqueline said...

Poor boy! That's so sad.

Rod, Jodi, Will, Wyatt, Cole , Zane said...

Ouch Parker!!! Glad he is going to be okay!! Burns are so sad for little ones. Next note the glass top stove!!! GRRR!! I had just turned off a burner the other night when Cole came in and set his hand right on top of that dang burner!!! He knew right away it was hot so he did not do to much damage just a water blister and small signs it had burnt.
Anyway you guys are great he will heal, then on to the next boo boo!!
Gotta love em.

The Adventures of Jakers said...

That is so sad! I'm glad it wasn't worse. Hopefully he'll heal quickly

Christy said...