Friday, January 22, 2010

Keep your snowblowers in your garage

Having lived in Emery county for almost 5 years now I have learned to appreciate, embrace, and enjoy the differences in how things are done here.  The snow storms of the past week revealed another "treasure" of living in Emery County.

When the snow flew, tractors and four wheelers took to the streets to do what I always thought snow plows and snow blowers do.  Not the case in Emery county.  With little hesitation these "farm monsters" swarmed into action relieving what would have been some serious lifting.  Being "old school" and sporting the "shovel" to remove snow I felt out of place as tractors and four wheelers out did my "Paul Bunyan"attempt and swiftly took care of business.

And so now I look forward to more snow storms because I look forward to seeing  how people reach out to others, whether it be by shovel, snow blower, and yes even by tractor!

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