Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Real Story - In response to Melissa's Laundry Post

Hate doing laundry?!  Sounds like a typical and almost believable story, until of course, you hear my side of the story.

I'm convinced that Melissa's negligence of laundry duty is in direct opposition to the clothes that I choose to wear, or in other words, Melissa is on "laundry strike".  On occasion (and this is my guilty plea) I do not wear "her preference" of clothes for an extended amount of time, no matter what hints or verbal threats (mild mind you) Melissa may make as I choose what to wear for each day.  Most days I can avoid this because I wear a white shirt and tie for 6 days of the week.  That is where this "laundry strike" and its timing comes into play.  It so happened that this piled up over the holidays, a time when I was home for many days.  Call it what you want, but to me it is obvious

So go ahead and have sympathy for Melissa's plight, but perhaps there is more to it than meets the "3 week old pile" eye.   Though greatful for all that Melissa does (and trust me I am piling high in debt to her for so much in this category) I just wanted to tell the real story!  Now I know how the big bad wolf feels!

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