Friday, January 8, 2010

Hectic Holiday Hustle

We joined in with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and here are the stats from this year's celebration:

5 different beds for Parker to find his "sweet dreams"
1 new addition (officially in the "church" books) to the family
1 sledding expedition with endless ski lifts for Parker and cousin Mia
2 Pinata explosions
1 night "out on the town"
2 "IChat" sessions allowing us to be "home" for the holidays with all of our family
1 Stroll around temple square
3 temple trips to 3 temples  
1 full day in the car (travel time)
50 episodes of Toy Story outdoing "Up" at the Esplin box office
3 shopping trips
6+ football games
1 trip to the airport 
3 meals "to go"
2 meals of "fine dining"
2 family church gatherings nearly doubling attendance for the congregation
1 Toy Parker really enjoyed
1600 grand total miles accumulated by the trusty Durango.

Through it all Parker proved patient and happy despite a few goings off of what is now known as the "siren" (the closest comparison that we can make to his cry).  With the help of family and his "cah" these episodes were bearable and enjoyable.  Though hectic, this holiday season once more came through triumphant as time was spent with what the holidays are all about.

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