Friday, April 30, 2010

Door knobs

I thought we were safe with these door knobs for a while longer. Little did I know that it wouldn't last. Monday I was on the computer and in walks Parker to say hi. He shuts the door behind him and then proceeds to open it again! AAHHH! I was quite surprised, okay shocked! He has known how to open doors with the long handle, but not round ones like every knob in our house. I guess if we really want privacy we are going to have to start locking the door behind us. Gone are the days of just closing the door.

Monday, April 26, 2010

MS Walk

This is the second year we have been able to participate in the MS Walk. Cammie's mom, Gwen, has MS and is a great example. She is so strong and continues to fight. She, along with most of her family, and some of mine walked together as a team for this cause on Saturday. It was inspiring to see how many people were walking, over 4,000, for the same reason. I know the money raised, over $200,000, goes to a great cause and hopefully a cure one day! Thanks Gwen for being the reason that we can walk! You are amazing.
My mom and I before we set of on the 3 mile loop. I just love her!
After the walk, hanging with my cute sis, Britt.
Dad and Parker hanging my the wishing well
Little Buzz and Sheriff Woody! After the walk we got back to the group that was waiting. Parker and Carter were wearing these cool hats. Christian, my bro, tells me that he had bought the Woody hat for Carter. Parker showed up with my Dad a little later and saw Carter's hat. He started to say, "Buzz haa" (buzz hat), so Chris just had to buy Parker the Buzz hat to go along with Carter. We got a good laugh out of that one. Thanks Uncle Chris! :)

Family Weekend

Happy Birthday Christian and Carson!
We were able to get together on Friday to celebrate Christian and Carson's birthday since they are both in April. It was a good time to be able to enjoy time together once again! I will take it any chance I can get. Parker loves his Uncle Chris and Cars. He got to play with Carter, Cali, baby Caleb, and Mia! We had yummy crock-pot chicken parmesan that my mom made and ice cream cake from Baskin Robins. What could be better than great food and great company!
Parker spent a lot of time on Chris's lap "driving" the car in the brochure.
He wasn't afraid to crawl all over Cars and give him a little whack or two!
Dev and I got to take Cali, Carter, and Parker on a quick late night swim in the Apartment pool.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Best

I remember when I was a priest in Aaronic Priesthood when I wore a shirt that wasn't appropriate to bless the sacrament in. My dad took that as an opportunity to teach me a lesson. He simply asked me not to wear that next time as that was not how Priesthood holders dressed while officiating in such a sacred ordinance. Lesson learned and it has been nothing but Sunday best from that moment on.

I couldn't help but think of that story as I saw Parker sporting the white shirt and tie today as we were getting ready to go to church. I couldn't help but think of the distant day when he too will hold the Priesthood and will be wearing his Sunday best and officiating in the sacred ordinances.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Make a Wish

Have you ever walked by a water fountain or a wishing well, dug in your pockets for spare change, and flipped it into the splashing water, hoping that that dive into unknown water will bring about the wish of your heart? If you have, which from the looks of watering holes in the center of malls and the fountains springing from mother earth, then I believe you have been a part of something that I hope never fades. It amazes me that such a simple act reflects our longing for hope and never letting go. It surprises me that somehow Abraham Lincoln or George Washington imprinted on metal has such capacity to bring such a wish about. Though many a wishes may seem drowned in just that, a wish, I like to think that such an act springs hope and optimism in the one who casually or intentionally flings such hopes high in the sky.

And so it is for me. Whenever such an opportunity presents itself (temple wishes seem to be of greatest preference), I connect my wish with my toss and make my donation to the swallowing fountain. After completing the MS walk this weekend we found ourself sitting around some rocks with shining metal reflecting many wishers wishes in the pond. After having pawned a penny off of Aunt Brittany I told Parker to make a wish and toss it into the pond. After having tossed (more of a drop, distance doesn't matter) his penny into the water I thought to ask him what he wished for, but we all know that the wish doesn't come true if you do that.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thumbs Up?!

Kids are great because they are so moldable and they do things that you show them how to do. It is like training a dog (never had a dog or am implying that he is a dog mind you) demonstrate, and imitate, then comes the reward. This is most enjoyable to watch when Parker gives a high five and pound as he walks through the halls at church to any one that is willing to offer.

Our latest trick that we have tried to teach Parker is to do "thumbs up". Obediently (like a dog) he gives it his all only to have him give us the "guns up" as he just can't seem to get that one finger pulled into the fist. We would give him a reward (again, do you see the dog connection) if he were to do it, but I think a "reward" is the last thing that this kid needs. He does enough tricks as it is. The reward seems to be reserved for the trainers who laugh at his futile attempts of the "thumbs up".
Attempt #1 - Yes that is more like a wave than a thumbs up
Attempt #2 - Fist closed, pointing to the heavens, not quite there
Attempt #3 - The "gun" has come out and it is smokin'
Attempt #4 - Not even going in the right direction

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our little climber!

I left the room for a minute to grab Parker's shoes and as I came walking back in I found him sitting in his high chair. All I could do was laugh and think 'what in the heck, how did you do that?' I had to grab the camera and ask him to do it again. I was baffled and impressed to see his climbing skills. I couldn't believe he had made it in there by himself. He is getting pretty crafty with that little stool that he loves to push everywhere he needs to climb to. What a funny dude!
This is how you do it according to Parker:
1. Climb up on the stool
2. Pull yourself up holding the tray
3. Hang on, get your balance
4. Slide your way into the opening between the tray and chair

5. Slide right in and have a seat, you're ready to eat! or hate?

Flying free and easy up in Salt Lake for the weekend was a blast! We had fun just getting away and enjoying time together. We got to see Britt and hang out with her when she wasn't on a date or hanging out with other friends. Busy girl. :) Parker loves her Aunt Britt. She is a great chaser even in my Dad's small apartment. I wish I could capture that with the camera. I will try next time.
The apartment also has a swimming pool. I thought that would be a fun little activity one evening so I packed the suits. I am glad I did because after our time in the pool I know that we are going to have to swim more often as it gets warmer. We haven't been swimming since last summer. He is definitely more aware of what is happening and aware of his fears. As we first jumped in the pool he gripped on to me so tight. He wouldn't stop screaming until I set him on the top step just barely in the water. I kept laughing and attempting to get him in further, but no matter what I did I couldn't coax him in. Finally towards the end, I just grabbed him and started moving around in the water slowly. I reassured him until he realized he wasn't going to die. By the time we needed to get out he didn't want to. I guess that mega-fear turned into love and a whole lot of fun.
Don't mind my scariness, but what a cute boy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cousin Visit

Anytime you mention playing with the cousins Parker is happy! We are too! It is so great to get the chance to visit family when we travel up north. Scott and Janice live in Lindon. It isn't too far to go so we had the opportunity and jumped on it. Parker had a blast playing with McKenna and Spencer. They are so cute and so good with each other. They even got to watch "Buzz" {Toy Story 2} and Parker was on cloud nine. I think that is his favorite word or a close second to mom. That is a different story.
Thanks Scott and Janice for letting us visit and for taking care of Parker.
Spencer and Parker glued to the T.V.
I guess I was glued with McKenna, too.

Road Trip Reading

Maybe it is a sign of aging. Maybe it is evidence of a boring life. It could even be proof of living in a small town for over five years now (which we wouldn't have any other way).

Yes, we are guilty of reading books on road trips. Some families sing songs, play license plate games, or even have conversations, us? we prefer to read books as we travel. It actually began when we were dating as we read "Tuesday's With Morrie" by Mitch Albom together. It progressed when I proposed to Melissa on an airplane as I read to her, "O The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss. Since then we have been in the Mitch Albom mode by reading "The Five People You Meet in Heaven", "For One More Day", and the latest, "Have a Little Faith" (we have attempted others such as "Wednesday Letters" but never completed it). Melissa is the designated reader as she brings the story to life (a total of over 834 pages!) As for me I try to soak it all in while trudging down the road as we travel through mountain passes and road construction (more miles than pages).

And so if we are guilty, so be it. It has been enjoyable and even seems to be an effective way for putting Parker to sleep. I could get used to this!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Egg-Citing Weekend

Spring break is always exciting. It is even more "egg-citing" when you throw in Easter and a visit to see family. Here is a recap of the weekend in Cedar City

Good Friday
Despite the not so good weather Friday turned out to be a good one. Here are some of the highlights of a trip to St. George and a night relaxing.

A Trip to the temple:

Fun at the park:

Sweet Saturday
The Easter bunny's delivery makes any weekend sweet, not to mention an Easter Egg hunt and a conference nap!

Coloring eggs
Finding the eggs
He is trained well on how to watch conference

Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday was spent with cousins and watching conference