Friday, April 2, 2010

Concerts - Love Hate Relationship

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Concert - Aug 2006

Michael Buble Concert - March 2010

I hate concerts. I hate the fact that you have to use binoculars to see what is happening on stage. I hate the fact that for those seats you had to break the piggy bank and now our son has to reuse diapers, and that was just for the parking. I hate that there are always fanatics who sing louder than the performer, and what is even better is that they are always sitting right next to you. How that person gets that seat at every concert I go to is beyond me. I don't particularly like the fact that I will be getting hearing aids after attending 2 hours of a concert. I enjoy dancing, but I would rather like to keep that to myself. At concerts it is almost a requirement to do so, if not, "you are really not having fun".

So why do I go to a concert? It is probably because . . .

Though binoculars are still necessary it was fun to watch the dance moves (those are tough to see while listening on the radio). There is also something about seeing the performer and interacting with them. I also enjoy feeling like my time was well spent as I could relate with the music, instead of creating my own imitation of a good time. Having a good band that isn't behind the scenes also adds a nice dimension to the concert. And what makes it all worth it is the fact that for once I didn't feel like I had to get up and dance.

And so this is what happened when we went to the Michael Buble concert in Salt Lake City. We were finally able to experience this Christmas gift and what a gift it was. His performance and
the fact that I didn't have to link arms with anybody other than the cute blonde I was with, rescued my sworn boycott of concerts. Thanks to some good babysitters, we were able to enjoy every minute uninterrupted (except for that crazy lady behind us!)

This is how the concert opened (no these are not our seats)

Here is another cool thing that he did during the concert:

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McKensi and Justin said...

oh please marry me Michael Buble!! I know it's cause he "just hasn't met me yet"
I always seem to get stuck by that annoying girl too. She must go to A LOT of concerts.