Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thumbs Up?!

Kids are great because they are so moldable and they do things that you show them how to do. It is like training a dog (never had a dog or am implying that he is a dog mind you) demonstrate, and imitate, then comes the reward. This is most enjoyable to watch when Parker gives a high five and pound as he walks through the halls at church to any one that is willing to offer.

Our latest trick that we have tried to teach Parker is to do "thumbs up". Obediently (like a dog) he gives it his all only to have him give us the "guns up" as he just can't seem to get that one finger pulled into the fist. We would give him a reward (again, do you see the dog connection) if he were to do it, but I think a "reward" is the last thing that this kid needs. He does enough tricks as it is. The reward seems to be reserved for the trainers who laugh at his futile attempts of the "thumbs up".
Attempt #1 - Yes that is more like a wave than a thumbs up
Attempt #2 - Fist closed, pointing to the heavens, not quite there
Attempt #3 - The "gun" has come out and it is smokin'
Attempt #4 - Not even going in the right direction

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Jacqueline said...

We're like you! We love teaching Myla new things. Parker is so cute and dont worry, he'll have the "thumbs up" really soon :)