Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our little climber!

I left the room for a minute to grab Parker's shoes and as I came walking back in I found him sitting in his high chair. All I could do was laugh and think 'what in the heck, how did you do that?' I had to grab the camera and ask him to do it again. I was baffled and impressed to see his climbing skills. I couldn't believe he had made it in there by himself. He is getting pretty crafty with that little stool that he loves to push everywhere he needs to climb to. What a funny dude!
This is how you do it according to Parker:
1. Climb up on the stool
2. Pull yourself up holding the tray
3. Hang on, get your balance
4. Slide your way into the opening between the tray and chair

5. Slide right in and have a seat, you're ready to eat!

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