Saturday, April 17, 2010 or hate?

Flying free and easy up in Salt Lake for the weekend was a blast! We had fun just getting away and enjoying time together. We got to see Britt and hang out with her when she wasn't on a date or hanging out with other friends. Busy girl. :) Parker loves her Aunt Britt. She is a great chaser even in my Dad's small apartment. I wish I could capture that with the camera. I will try next time.
The apartment also has a swimming pool. I thought that would be a fun little activity one evening so I packed the suits. I am glad I did because after our time in the pool I know that we are going to have to swim more often as it gets warmer. We haven't been swimming since last summer. He is definitely more aware of what is happening and aware of his fears. As we first jumped in the pool he gripped on to me so tight. He wouldn't stop screaming until I set him on the top step just barely in the water. I kept laughing and attempting to get him in further, but no matter what I did I couldn't coax him in. Finally towards the end, I just grabbed him and started moving around in the water slowly. I reassured him until he realized he wasn't going to die. By the time we needed to get out he didn't want to. I guess that mega-fear turned into love and a whole lot of fun.
Don't mind my scariness, but what a cute boy!

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