Sunday, November 23, 2008

Take a look at me now!

Me and my church clothes

Thankful: FAMILY-Mom

Raising 5 boys can't be easy.  Though we didn't love the mush and would hide the crust underneath our mats at breakfast, mom survived the joys of raising 5 sport loving (thanks to her), needy, boys.  So, at this time of year when we offer thanks, I too want to express my gratitude for my mom.  She was the mom who was always there and would always care.  She was the mom who could give you updates on the baseball scores and wouldn't miss a single game or event important in our lives.  She was a mom who always had food on the table no matter what the time or what busy schedule had to be worked around.  Mom would always care for others and never think of herself.  Mom bleeds blue and her love is true to everything that is fair and right.  Words such as, integrity, honest, beautiful, fun, caring, charitable, all come to mind.   Happy Thanksgiving mom, can't wait to watch Matlock and Macy's Day Parade with you on Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Rise and Shout the Cougars are out!  As faithful fans would have it I have been up for 20 minutes, changed Parker, listened to the Ohio State Fight Song and then listened to the BYU fight song.  As you might expect, the family is divided on this game and the fight for Parker's allegiance hangs in the balance.  Mom claims victory as she witnessed laughing while she was talking about the Utes, dad on the other hand claims victory based on religious upbringing.  Personally (and unbiased I might add) say that it is all in the eyes and from day one Parker has had blue eyes, so end of story.  The experts have been saying that this is the biggest and most important game they have ever played.  I would have to agree based on what is on the line for both teams but little do they know what is on the line for this Cougar fan.  Not only is Parker up for grabs but also a full year of in-law taunting that could affect the Christmas giving and receiving.  Surely the food portions will be limited upon visits to family as well.  Yeah there is a lot riding on this game because my size and athletic ability doesn't score me points with the in-laws so this is my only source of supremacy over the 6 foot 7 brother in law.  So far my Red Sox have held their own since joining the family and my Cougs are split.  Yeah, I need this one or else that shed we built out back is looking mighty cozy for the winter!  GO COUGS!

Mom - UTAH 21 BYU 14
Parker - Cougs win based on mascot!  (although I better keep relations good with mommy)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy B-lated B-day Crazy Cousin Carter!

Some fun moments we remember with the big Carter man!
* Riding Cali's bike in his diaper on her birthday
* "Show me your muscles" while watching him almost pass out
* Watching his favorite movies over, and over, and over, and over, . . .
* Seeing him watching over his new cousin "Parkerthebaby"
* Trying to be  6 in a 3 year old body

We love you "Carterthecousin" and look forward to many more memories

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just Some Pics - No Words Necessary

Happy Birthday CHASE!

Happy Birthday Chase!  Our nephew  Chase turned the big 7 today!  I was on my mission when Chase was born but still have some wonderful memories that we enjoy. I remember some miniature golfing, watching him round the bases, and hearing stories of his humility on the soccer field.  I especially have fond memories of snipe hunting!  Parker can't wait to get to know his cousin!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Heirloom Hit!

Visiting the Heirloom Inn is a great treat for us when we come to Price.  Little did we know that it is such a treat for all those that live there too.  Grandpa Gus loves his little namesake.  The rest of us don't even need to carry on a conversation when Grandpa has Parker.  It's fun to watch the two of them interact.  The rest of the world could just disappear.  This happens every time we are there.  This most recent time it was dinner time for all the residents, and before they entered the dining room to eat they had to see the baby.  It was so fun to see their bright smiles and the happiness that came just from seeing Parker.  My dad made the comment, "You think a dog is great for the elderly, try a baby."  It made me think how important it is to stop and take a moment to enjoy simple things in life.  

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Husband Tagged

What is your husband's name?  Devin Arnel Esplin
How long have you been married?  4 Years
How long did you date?  Dated 7 Months, Engaged 4 1/2 months
How old is he?  27 (will be 28 January 30th)
Who eats more sweets?  I think I win, but he is a close second especially if its sour sweets!
Who said "I love you" first?  I did
Who is taller?  He is and it's a good thing!
Who is a better singer?  I am. but he sings with all his heart!
Who is smarter?  It depends what we are talking about :)
Who does the laundry?  I do most of the time, but he is willing to do it when I can't.
Who pays the bills?  It's a joint effort most of the time
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?  He does
Does he snore?  Depends on how tired he is, usually it's a heavy breathing
What does he do in his spared time?  Spends time with Parker and me, works in the yard, blogs, and reads
Who mows the lawn?  He does because he loves yard work.
What is his favorite candy bar?  He likes sour candy like Sweettarts, Lemonheads, etc., but also loves chocolate too.
Who cooks dinner?  Depends on how ambitious I feel that day, but he helps me out sooo much!
Who drives?  We take turns, but I love to drive
Who is the first to say they are wrong?  He is because I'm always right. :)
Who kissed who first?  He definitely kissed me first with some work. I'm not that easy to catch.
Who asked who out first?  He asked me out first on my first day at the bookstore.  That's a great story. :)  It was a challenge after his Dad said I was too good for him.
Who wears the pants?  We share the responsibilities, but he is the Patriarch
Does he say he love you every day?  Yes, every time we talk!  

My hubby is the sweetest, most patient man ever.  He has to be to be with me.  Thank you honey for all the you are and everything you do!  I love you so much and couldn't ask for a better husband and father to Parker.  You are the best!
I tag Nykelle Pollastro, Cammie Pollastro, Shadoe Wankier, Allie Mower, Laura Jones

Horse Halloween??

Howdy Ma'am

Parker with the Yost Princesses!

Dad with Parker 

It wore Parker out to get his first "treat" but it sure was worth it!

Cowboy Family

Parker and Ty

Mom & Parker with the Yost kids
Horse or a cow, you tell us because apparently Wal-mart has difficulty distinguishing between the two when it comes to Halloween costumes.  We learned this upon going to a ward Halloween Party and people telling us he is such a cute "cow".  We learned quickly that trying to convince the native Emery County residents was pointless because they know their horses and we sure don't.  Regardless of what Parker was for his first Halloween he didn't seem to care and was as fun as ever.  His first Halloween included Carmel apple making with friends, a ward Halloween "bash" and trick or treating in his car seat.  Parker scored big time in his first visit to the Peacock home with his first treat, a "Baby Ruth" (fitting I know!).  Here are some pics from the Halloween Happenings!