Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thankful: FAMILY-Mom

Raising 5 boys can't be easy.  Though we didn't love the mush and would hide the crust underneath our mats at breakfast, mom survived the joys of raising 5 sport loving (thanks to her), needy, boys.  So, at this time of year when we offer thanks, I too want to express my gratitude for my mom.  She was the mom who was always there and would always care.  She was the mom who could give you updates on the baseball scores and wouldn't miss a single game or event important in our lives.  She was a mom who always had food on the table no matter what the time or what busy schedule had to be worked around.  Mom would always care for others and never think of herself.  Mom bleeds blue and her love is true to everything that is fair and right.  Words such as, integrity, honest, beautiful, fun, caring, charitable, all come to mind.   Happy Thanksgiving mom, can't wait to watch Matlock and Macy's Day Parade with you on Thanksgiving!

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