Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Lesson on Thunder and Lightning

We have a bright son. At almost three he teaches us daily. Here is the latest lesson:

While kneeling down for prayer last night we here the saw the crack of lightning followed by the boom of thunder and the following conversation ensued:

Parker: Ooooh. That's thunder and lightning! I want to see thunder!

Mom: Parker, you can't see thunder. You only here it.

Parker: No. I want to see thunder.

Mom: You can't see thunder, you can only hear it.
(more thunder and lightning)

Parker: I want to see it.

(after giving in to his demands)

Parker: (after seeing lightning) See, it's "Lightning Mcqeen!" (after thunder) "and Mater too!"

Dad: See mom, you can see thunder and "Lightning McQeen too!"

Mom: (always the teacher) Parker, do you know why he is called Lightning McQueen?"

Parker: (No response, too busy watching "Lightning McQueen and Thunder")

Monday, June 27, 2011

Brock 6 Months - A Horse Ride and a look in the mirror

When Brock looked in the mirror he was looking at a 6 month old. It is fun to see his growth and to see him develop his personality. Parker keeps him on his toes and also provides a nice horse ride every once in awhile.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer So Far . . . So far so good

Summer is quickly piling up some great memories and here are the stats:

"So far Summer Statistics"

- (1) smores roasting

- (30) popsicles eaten by Parker (mostly blue)

- (1) round of golf

- (3) trips to the swimming pool

- (1) water fight

- (2) trips - Hello Hawaii and Wyoming

- (1) birthday

- (1) ice cream truck appearance

- (1) trip to the "see - um" (museum)

- (5) four wheeler rides

- (50) golf balls found on four wheeler ride

- (2) movies in the theaters (Kung Fu Panda 2 & Cars 2)

- (1) trip to the emergency room

- (0) trips to the "potty" (Parker)

- (5) crashes on the neighbors bike

- (10) days of batting practice

- (2) zoo trips

- (1) new walkway

- (1) black eye

- (2) super hero costumes (Spider Man & Batman)

- (1) costume (cow)

- (1) garden planted

- (3) BBQ's (Steak, Chicken, Hamburgers)

- (2) temple trips (Hawaii & Manti)

- (1) lightning show

- (72) prayers for the "fruit trees"

On the Summer Horizon

- another birthday

- rodeo's

- horses

- baseball games

- more trips to swimming pool

- vacation - Hello New York

- Potty Training????

- Anniversary

- Fireworks

- Races

- Fishing

- Camping

Sunday, June 19, 2011

31 and Fun

Who said that when you entered your thirties you were "done"?

Ok, so maybe nobody ever has, but for some reason being in your "thirties" brings some negative baggage. It's almost as if being in your thirties eliminates any possibility for having fun.

Well, at 31, Melissa is young and fun.

Friday, June 17, 2011

31 and still kickin'

I can't believe I can now say I am in my early 30's. It just seems wrong. But, I guess when life is good, my family is amazing, and I am still able to get up every morning and move it out the door to run, I can say that 31 isn't so bad.
Devin gave me an amazing day. It started out with a great morning run and upon my return, a tower of 31 blueberry muffins, a candle on top and my boys singing happy birthday.
Later that afternoon we met Devin in Price, when he got out of meetings, dropped off the boys to my mom, who is our ultimate babysitter, and played a round of golf. It was a fun time had by all even with missing a few balls and a little embarrassment.
Then we went back to my mom's to get the boys ready for bed before heading to Groggs for a wonderful dinner without children. It was a joy to be able to sit next to Devin in a booth with his arm around me and not screaming or taming the boys. To top of the meal I got a free piece of birthday cheesecake. What a pure delight!! If 31 is this good I can't wait for 32.... or maybe I can!