Friday, June 17, 2011

31 and still kickin'

I can't believe I can now say I am in my early 30's. It just seems wrong. But, I guess when life is good, my family is amazing, and I am still able to get up every morning and move it out the door to run, I can say that 31 isn't so bad.
Devin gave me an amazing day. It started out with a great morning run and upon my return, a tower of 31 blueberry muffins, a candle on top and my boys singing happy birthday.
Later that afternoon we met Devin in Price, when he got out of meetings, dropped off the boys to my mom, who is our ultimate babysitter, and played a round of golf. It was a fun time had by all even with missing a few balls and a little embarrassment.
Then we went back to my mom's to get the boys ready for bed before heading to Groggs for a wonderful dinner without children. It was a joy to be able to sit next to Devin in a booth with his arm around me and not screaming or taming the boys. To top of the meal I got a free piece of birthday cheesecake. What a pure delight!! If 31 is this good I can't wait for 32.... or maybe I can!

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Christy said...

Hey, old lady. Hope you had a great birthday! :)