Sunday, June 24, 2012

Homemade Hero

Are heroes born or are heroes made?  Of late Parker's love for superheroes has transformed him into many heroes.  With the blockbuster Avengers coming out, Parker has turned his hero fix from Buzz and Spider Man to Captain America and Iron Man.  He watches Avengers cartoons on and checks out the latest hero attire on  Not only does he get his fair share of cartoons but he has become the embodiment of Avengers.  Frisbees have become shields (Captain America), ice cream buckets helmets (Iron Man), and rubber-bands made into bow and arrows (Hawkeye).  Often he can be found talking to himself as if he were conversing with Iron Man himself.  Just last week we scoured the house pretending like we were Captain America with our shields that shot the bad guys.  

Captain America - with homemade shield (massage thing and duct tape)

Iron Man or "Machine Man" (Ice Cream bucket and toy rocket strapped to arm)

Captain America Shield (Frisbee attached to back)

Hawkeye (Homemade arrow holder - cup)

I think you can make a case that Parker was born to be a hero, that is with some homemade help!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rodeo Champ

We have a rodeo champ in the family!

I can probably count the times on one hand that I have been on a horse.  I do enjoy a good rodeo.  And yes I also can stomach a good country concert.  But with this kind of resume it is hard to believe that anybody in the Esplin family can become a rodeo champ!

Unless you move to Castle Dale!

Every year Castle Dale City sponsors a kid rodeo for the community.  There are stick horse races, chicken chases, and some good muttin' bustin' competitions.  Up until this point we really hadn't been to one seeing as how rodeo isn't really in our genes or in our jeans.  But this year we decided to give it a go.

So Parker gets his trusty stick horse that he purchased from a rodeo he went to when he was 2.  Keep in mind that this horse has never lost but that of course is because it has never competed.  They called out all of those in the age category of 2-4 to bring their stick horses and come to the middle of the rodeo arena.  We ran down to the starting line where Parker and his baseball cap was going against real cowboys and cowgirls of Castle Dale.  Being the Pro Rodeo champ that I am I gave him some pointers to "stay on the horse (meaning keep the horse between your legs) and run fast".  With his addidas sneakers he ran off into the sunset as the gun went off (or somebody saying go, I was too caught up in the moment to notice).

Mom was in the grandstands videoing this historic moment.  Parker got a good start and a kid sprinted out ahead of him (no worries, he didn't have a stick horse so he was just a rabbit in the race).  Kids started falling into the dust a little bit but Parker kept moving forward.  Nearing the finish line he was neck and neck with another girl his age when right right before the finish she falls and Parker crosses the finish line in first place thus claiming our very first Rodeo title in the Esplin family!

Having dusted his trusty stick horse off he went to the booth to claim his prize.  It was $25 bucks for this buckaroo.  When Jeremy Jewkes asked him what he was going to spend it on he said, "some horseshoes".

Parker was won proud baseball cap wearing, addidas shoe sporting, cowboy when he went and got congratulations from his mom and brother who were enjoying the show and later some good sno cones!

The only problem, nobody in the Esplin family knows really what horseshoes are.  But maybe our Rodeo Champ will have to teach us someday!

*****After reviewing the video (and it is a classic) it appears that Parker might have tripped this girl towards the finish line but after close inspection it is clear that Parker is not in the mix.  It is obvious that Parker does look back when he sees her fall to which I asked him, "Why didn't you help her up?"  To which came this great response from a rodeo champ "Then I wouldn't have won!"

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Graduate from Primary?

Parker did it!  After about 10 months of a daily dose of articles of faith, he has now officially memorized all 13 articles of faith.  The 13th took some time but he was able to do it.  We are impressed at his ability to memorize and are now petitioning the primary presidency for early graduation from primary!

August 2011 - Just beginning to memorize Articles of Faith

June 2012 - Completed all 13 Articles of Faith

Of course as good as Parker is, mom's steadiness and commitment to teaching him also must be recognized.    Perhaps this will also allow her to graduate from primary?!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Brock 'a rock

Brock loves his Zebra.  As of late he has been doing tricks on it.  Just the night he put on quite the show.  He would climb up on the zebra and rock while standing on it.  At times he was brave enough to go with no hands.  He would fall and get right back up.  It became a game and falling was almost as fun as standing on the zebra.  Perhaps Brock was introducing us to a future in the circus someday!

The nice and easy ride

Check this balance out

My personal favorite - with the tongue sticking out!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I want to play too!

If Brock could speak (and he's getting closer) surely he would cry out, "Put me in coach!"  Based on him putting on hats and going after bats at T-Ball games, Brock is showing signs of being the next slugger in the family!

Everybody's Favorite Song

Everybody has a favorite song.  What happens when everybody's favorite song is the same song?  Well, it happened just the other day.

Parker loves singing songs and is pretty good at memorizing them.  Of late we have been listening to baseball/sports songs.  Of course one of the songs on the CD was "Eye of the Tiger".  It didn't take long for Parker to memorize a good portion of this song (boxing actions and all).

One day mom was talking with Parker and she mentioned how this song was her favorite song.  After all it was the song that she would listen to prior to games and track races.  When Parker heard this he said, "No it's not.  It's dad's favorite song."  Mom, in her defense and knowing her husband, wanted to clarify the issue so she she asked him, "Dad, is this your favorite song?"  After weighing his options carefully he responded, "Yes it is!"

Since then Parker will take every opportunity to sing somebody "The Eye of the Tiger".  When Melissa went visiting teaching he sang it in the car for her visiting teaching companion.  Upon hearing it she said, "That is one of my favorite songs."

Maybe it really is everybody's favorite song.  Just ask Parker (or better yet, have him sing it to you!)

"Tiger Claws" courtesy of Aunt Brittany