Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween began the day the costumes arrived in the mail. The dynamic duo had begun and so had the fun. This years Halloween festivities were as follows:


Parker couldn't wait to be "Batman" for Halloween. Any chance he had he would put his costume on and see how he looked in the mirror.

Pumpkin Carving

Grandpa Carl unveiled his pumpkin carving skills and produced a nice spiderman for "Batman".

Reading Time - Castle Dale Library

Though "Batman" hadn't arrived, "Bumblebee" made an appearance

The Ward Halloween Party

The youth in the wardlovedthe dynamic duo and thoughtBrock'schubby rollsmade him look like the tough sidekick. Parker wasn't hesitant to show off his superhero skills as well. Parker also enjoyed eating soup with another superhero, Ty.

Corn Maze

We spent an enjoyable evening at the local corn maze. We were able to avoid the "scare time" and preferred the family friendlyevents of watching "The Great Pumpkin."


Grandpa Carl, Grandma Vicki, and Uncle Christian made a trip over to see the dynamic duo in action. We enjoyed some cheese soup and a Skype conversation with Uncle Carson and his family.

There also was plenty of time for trick or treating. "Batman" rode his bike from house to house and found the handle bars to come in handy for the occasion.

Lets just say that from beginning to end, this halloween was "super" for this dynamic duo!

Brock's First Halloween!

With a brother as a Superhero, Brock has become a sidekick for his first Halloween.

Surely this is fitting for the good natured brother who someday will be calling the shots. For now though he completes the dynamic duo and is enjoying all of the festivities that come this time of year!

We did the traditional pumpkin carving at Grandpa Carl and Grandma Vicki's.

We spent a night at the "Field of Screams", a corn maze in town. The maze was fun but I "The Great Pumpkin" was a real hit.

And of course there was the trick or treating. It was tough keeping up with "Batman" but Grandma Vicki came through with a nice Halloween treat bag.

When Heroes Collide

It started with Buzz Lightyear.

It evolved to Batman and Spiderman!

But what happens when Superheroes collide and compete for Parker supremacy?

I posed the dilemma to Parker this morning. I asked, "Who is your favorite?"

The answer was super:

"First, Spiderman"

"Second, Batman"

"Third, Buzz"

Tomorrow is halloween and Parker just watched Buzz Lightyear and has him sleeping next to him. He just took off his batman costume that he plans on wearing tomorrow, and he just showed off his pumpkin that is carved with Spiderman and Batman.

Trick? or Treat? The stage is set for a Halloween Hero collision!

Monday, October 24, 2011


So that is how they do it!

After not having Parker crawl we wondered if Brock would follow suit.

Brock answered that on the day he turned 10 months as he started crawling. At first it started with a drag of the leg and now it is a full blown crawl.

Who knows what is next?!!

Friday, October 21, 2011


It's football season so Parker has made sure Brock knows how to signal a touchdown!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

"I like this show" - General Conference

Parker said it best when I went downstairs to join him for watching conference when he said, "I like this show." Of course he had a bowl of skittles in his hand and he was watching a big screen tv which surely enhances the experience. This of course wasn't the only highlight of conference.

A little Conference Bingo - courtesy mom
Matching ties
The best part of conference
Conference with uncle Dust
President Monson!