Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year - Year of the Tiger

With no Chinese blood to speak of but having yellow fever none the less, we wish you a happy Chinese New Year!  This year is the year of the Tiger.  I can't help but think back to the memories that the Chinese people and their culture have impressed on me.  So, for your Chinese New Year pleasure I share with you some treasured memories of my time in Taiwan:

Driving through the rice patties
The morning market
Lunch, a different buffet style
Dragon dances in local parks

Taiwan provides many great spectacles.  From enormous and ornate temples and palaces to the savory selection of fruit markets and box lunches.  Driving through the streets and seeing the days meat in the shops and occaisional flashes from fried rice pans all while riding through rice patties in the tropical air was always a joy.
This was one of the fonts that we baptized people in.  It was great to see the water splashing over the sides.  No cannonballs allowed though!
Chinese New Year alway provided large gatherings and more than enough food to last a month
The missionaries that I came with to Taiwan with President and Sister Kim

And of course it wouldn't be Taiwan without the wonderful people that we saw enter the waters of baptism.

This is a painting that rolls out to be about 5 feet long.  It is a depiction of 1 Nephi 8 and the tree of life story.  It is personalized with the number of brothers and parents included in the painting.  The painter was in a ward that I served in and had painted one of these for President Hinckley.  It has been in issues of the Ensign.  

Not every day

It's not every day that Chinese New Year, the Olympics, and President's day all fall on the same day!  In honor of this historic day our family did something that we don't get to do everyday.  With the help of monumental snow storms and a day off the following was a result:

From left to right:  Front - Chinese snow man (fortune cookie eyes), Olympian snowman (old school ski's, Mr. President Snowman (Patriotic tie)

We look forward to more "not every day" memories!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines mom

Just a reminder that love really just doesn't happen once a year and nor should it be celebrated just once a year. The following are compelling reasons:
Who else would I take to the drive thru?
Who would I play hide and go seek with?

I need somebody to show off my fashions.

Thanks mom for showing love everyday!

Uh Oh Valentines

No public forum or blog could or should be worthy to express love for a loved one.  But when faced with failure on Valentines day and fear of not expressing it something must and needs be done.  

When we were first married we decided that we weren't going to get gifts for Valentines.  In place of it we would have a night out.  This provided, temporarily, a relief for this cupid ever in despair.  Up to this point we have been able to celebrate Valentines without much of a hitch, until this year.  Cupid was a little slow in getting the arrows in the quiver but hopes that this futile attempt will do some good.  So in an attempt to save Valentines Cupid stung the bow and fired the following arrows:

1 -  Make heart shaped pancakes.  This was great up until I left her with the dishes as I headed to a meeting.

2 -  Make Lasagna for dinner for her.  Again a noble arrow shot in the right direction but got off course when Parker woke up (bringing mom with him) and also not knowing exactly how to layer the lasagna.  

The only person who didn't ruin Valentines was Parker.  His fun loving nature and adorable sayings of late seem to strike the heart whether it be Valentines or not.  One of his most recent phrases is "Uh oh", which is probably the best way to describe this cupid's futile attempt at showing his sweetheart how much he really does love her.  

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I had mentioned in an earlier post about celebrating my Dad's B-day, but I never posted one just him.  In light of recent conversations with my friends, I am realizing more and more how grateful I am to have the dad that I do.  He is an amazing man with a testimony of the gospel so strong and example to all.  He loves to laugh.  He gives counsel and shows support for all we do.  He is there for us and willing to help whenever.  He puts up with all the mistakes we made and joys in our accomplishments.  He has been a dad that is aware and cares.  I thank my Heavenly Father every day for the home that had a dad who did the three "p's" - provide, preside, and protect.  For that I am grateful and love him!

Utah Man through and through!
Still got the stamina
Loves his grandkids!

Thanks for always "pulling" us through!
You are the best Dad!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another Pollastro Family get together!

I love any chance we can get to get together!  It makes me happy to be with family and enjoy time and build stronger relationships.  So, once again we were able to be together for January B-days. On Saturday the 30th we celebrated Dad's, Devin's and Britt's b-day.  It was so much fun just to hang out in the "social room"  at the Brigham Apartments, laugh, and eat. 

Carter kisses
Parker going.....

GONE!  He had it by the time we go to the cake!

Devin and I also were able to take a little walk around Temple Square with Parker and Carter.  It was pleasantly above freezing and enjoyable.  Parker loves Carter and is constantly yelling for  "Ca ca". Carter pushed Parker as we ran around the temple and especially the water. 
Thanks everyone for having birthdays so we could get together!  

Birthday Girl!

This girl is definitely a beautiful woman, but she will always be my little sis!  I love her tonz and I'm so glad that she is not only a sister, but a friend.  She loves to laugh and it is contagious.  Once you get her going she can't stop!  She gives so much time to each of our kids and loves to be the fav aunt.  I'm glad we got to be with you and celebrate another year.  You are the best sister I could ask for!  
This girl loves jewelry so...

... I made a jewelry hanger!