Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pageant Pearls - Castle Valley Pageant 2012

Going to the pageant with kids is inviting moments that will last a lifetime.  I like to refer to them as pearls as they are precious and moments you want to cherish.  With live animals and cool lighting the stage was set for some pearls:


This was Brock's first pageant and he loved every minute of it.  In moments of silence he was jabbering and pointing at animals.  When the music came on he was dancing and enjoying the moment.  He would go back and forth between grandma and mom - always with his trusty "doggy" in hand.  The greatest pearl came as I watched him being held in moms precious arms as they together enjoyed the pageant.


Parker for the first time really started to grasp the pageant.  Though at 4 he still had difficulty seeing all of the scenes and so used standing on the chair to assist in this challenge.  The pearl came for Parker while sitting by his cousin Carter during the scene where the Savior dies and is resurrected.  As I sat by him the conversation I had went something like this:

Parker:  I want to see it again (referring to the resurrection scene)

Dad:  Why?

Parker:  It was cool

Dad:  What was so cool?

Parker:  The resurrection

So there you have it, the resurrection is cool.  He also kept asking for the Savior to come back again by repeating, "I want to see Jesus again"

Prior to the beginning of the pageant he also sang with his primary the songs, "I Am a Child of God" "When He Comes Again" and "Pioneer Children".

Mom and Dad

Of course the pearls for us are the moments to watch and cherish our boys enjoy time with family and learning about the gospel as taught through this wonderful pageant.  We love seeing the Savior become real to them and to witness their innocence and excitement to believe in Him.  This perhaps is the most precious of all the pearls!

Here are some pictures of the nights events