Monday, May 31, 2010

Sign Me Up Coach

My basketball career has not exactly been stellar nor are there highlights that are going down into the record books. Other than playing a mean church ball, basketball is more in Melissa's realm. This weekend I had a chance to redeem myself and perhaps impress some college coaches and elevate my game to equal that of Melissa's. Due to my dad's inability to attend a father and son basketball camp at BYU, I was summoned off the bench to fill in his shoes. I spent Friday through Monday with my brother and my nephews lacing up my shoes and re-living the glory days as we went from rotation to rotation. Each rotation was different and were led by the BYU basketball players and coaches. Not all of it was basketball as we also did some football, golf, and an array of random sports.

After three days of displaying my skills I came to the following conclusions:

1. Stick with Church ball
2. BYU didn't want me in their masters program, they are not going to offer me a basketball scholarship
3. Time with family is a lot more enjoyable and more important than basketball
4. It's just a game and autographs are just fancy names to show off to other people (though I still stood in line amidst kids 20 years younger than me clammering for autographs - for Parker of course!)
5. Cafeteria food is making a comeback and I am sold.
6. Stretch

After the camp we enjoyed a nice barbeque at my brothers house, thus ending my pursuit of basketball greatness, perhaps to be pursued one day with my own son.

My brother Jason and his kids Jackson and Chase with BYU head coach Dave Rose
Jason, Jackson, Chase, and my dad with Chad Lewis - NFL football player who spoke at a fireside on Sunday
Jason, Jackson, Chase, Me, with Jimmer Fredette - BYU starting point guard

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Chats

Some famous President made "fireside chats" a household term. What is sweeping the nation (atleast from Castle Dale to Cedar City) are "Sunday Chats". Ever since our purchase of the IMac we have had the capability of talking via IChat. This allowed us to visit with Ryan and his family as well as Jason and his family. The IMac craze has infiltrated Cedar City and has permeated the Esplin home with their recent purchase. My technology savvy parents have welcomed the connectivity that this has brought them. Since their technology advancement we have been able to chat with them on a regular basis. Each Sunday we gather round the computer and visit with them. It is nice for them to see Parker and for Parker to see them. These chats also provide an eventful scene in which Parker tries to kiss the screen when he wants to give them "loves". It is also entertaining when Grandpa breaks out "Brutus" (Ohio State mascot). The latest addition has been "John the Baptist", a hand puppet that needs a haircut. Parker has slowly welcomed him to the chats but seems to prefer "Brutus" and the Ohio State fight song.

These "Sunday Chats" are a highlight and something that we look forward to. From talking about my dads retirement and his feelings on teaching to pulling a screaming Parker away from the screen, it is creating memories for us that even the President of the United States can't do.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Love...The Beast!

For Mother's Day, Devin bought me Beauty and the Beast for one of my presents. It is one of my favorite Disney movies. I didn't know how Parker would like it, but every day this week he asks for the "beast" to watch....over and over and over. I guess he has found a new favorite. At least for this week anyway.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Parker and Mr. Ed

Mr. Ed would be proud. With how much Parker loves horses it makes us wonder if he can talk to them because of how much he is talking about horses. Driving around Castle Dale provides many opportunities for Parker to catch a glimpse of a "hwoorsh" (mouth puckered). A neighbor in our ward recently had a horse give birth to what Parker now calls, "baby hwoorsh" everytime that we pass by it. Apparently even after a few days it is a "nice hwoorsh" because Parker has deemed it so. Here is a picture of the horses that Parker has so affectionately attached himself to.

Happy MA'S day

Parker's scream and plea for mom can be heard in any setting, whether it be in a crowded church meeting or in the spacious hole known as Wal-Mart. Most often this plea comes as mom is right next to him. These moments of beckoning provides insight into the mother that Melissa is:

Though Parker hasn't learned his "quiet voice" Melissa is always quick to hear and respond to the plea. This reveals Melissa's nature of always being there and ready to teach. Melissa "being there" has come at great expense as she had to make a decision a few years ago to stay at home and be that mom "to be there". For every milestone, mom has "been there".

Parker's "wanting" to be with mom is evident when I walk through the door at lunch to which he responds with a tantrum, accompanied by cries, running into things, etc. It is almost as if I interrupted his time with mom. Catching glimpses of mom reading to him, dancing with him, and smothering him with love, leads me to think that I too would throw a tantrum if somebody else came into the picture.

I remember at the baby blessing that one of the things Parker was blessed with was a desire to be close to mom. So far "being close" to mom means screaming in her face, jumping on her stomach, and trying to pull her ears off. In time it can be assured that there will be a closeness that cannot be broken, no matter if it be ears or heart strings.

And so on this mothers day, we take the in your face moment of screaming and pleading to say, "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!" (input Parker's red screaming face as he is pulling at your ears!)

Through teaching and example, there is no doubt what her actions are leading Parker to.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday MOM!

Some say I look more and more like my Mom everyday...........I say "thank you!" My mom is a beautiful and amazing woman! Yesterday, May 5th, was her birthday. Since we are close by, we were able to go over to Price for dinner. She picked Mexican, El Saltos, and then for some good ol Cold Stone to top of the night. We didn't get any pictures because we were chasing a little monster (Parker), but we sure had a good time. It's always fiesta time on Cinco de Mayo! Thanks Mom for letting us celebrate with you! Love you!