Monday, May 31, 2010

Sign Me Up Coach

My basketball career has not exactly been stellar nor are there highlights that are going down into the record books. Other than playing a mean church ball, basketball is more in Melissa's realm. This weekend I had a chance to redeem myself and perhaps impress some college coaches and elevate my game to equal that of Melissa's. Due to my dad's inability to attend a father and son basketball camp at BYU, I was summoned off the bench to fill in his shoes. I spent Friday through Monday with my brother and my nephews lacing up my shoes and re-living the glory days as we went from rotation to rotation. Each rotation was different and were led by the BYU basketball players and coaches. Not all of it was basketball as we also did some football, golf, and an array of random sports.

After three days of displaying my skills I came to the following conclusions:

1. Stick with Church ball
2. BYU didn't want me in their masters program, they are not going to offer me a basketball scholarship
3. Time with family is a lot more enjoyable and more important than basketball
4. It's just a game and autographs are just fancy names to show off to other people (though I still stood in line amidst kids 20 years younger than me clammering for autographs - for Parker of course!)
5. Cafeteria food is making a comeback and I am sold.
6. Stretch

After the camp we enjoyed a nice barbeque at my brothers house, thus ending my pursuit of basketball greatness, perhaps to be pursued one day with my own son.

My brother Jason and his kids Jackson and Chase with BYU head coach Dave Rose
Jason, Jackson, Chase, and my dad with Chad Lewis - NFL football player who spoke at a fireside on Sunday
Jason, Jackson, Chase, Me, with Jimmer Fredette - BYU starting point guard

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Ky said...

Elder Esplin, I was pumped to find your blog! I've wondered what you and some of the other valiant Elder's from the Taichung mission that I haven't stayed in contact with have been up to. Sounds like you are teaching seminary and have a wonderful little family. Hope all continues to be well.

Kyler (Elder Redder)