Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Arrival of Summer

Nothing ushers in summer better than a visit to summers finest treat, a "shaved ice". After a trip to the zoo, Melissa couldn't resist the sugar rush screaming to her as we drove down state street in Orem (an earlier visit by Nate and Lindsay's family triggered the thought, not the zoo, though a full day at the zoo would result in a trip to the shaved ice shack for sanity sake). We kicked off the shaved ice summer with a "Hurricane", "Blue Hawaiian", and "Silver Fox" respectively. This years shaved ice was spiced up with ice cream in the middle, an addition we would gladly bring back to Castle Dale.

Finishing our inaugural shaved ice officially kicks off a summer full of fun, and hopefully a lot of trips to the shave ice shack.

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Lindsay said...

Weren't they delish? So glad to see you and your cute family over the weekend. We had such a great time!