Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April Tid bits

April was action packed with many wonderful and memorable experiences that unfortunately couldn't be packaged and delivered for a blog post but are worthy of recording.  Here is a recap
Roasting smores with mom and dad in the firepit!

Planting my very first tree!  (It's an ash tree - perfect for Baseball bats!)
Celebrating my very first Easter!

9 MONTHS and ready to take over the world

It's official.  Parker has now been in the outside world longer than the cramped inside of mom's stomach and from the looks of things he is not going back in.  After 9 months he is either convinced that he is too big to fit back inside or that his parents really aren't that bad (and if they are there is plenty of family who will love and adore him).  

Parker is weighing in at near 20 pounds (most of which is in the legs).  Perhaps it is the dragging of his weight but whatever the case may be he doesn't seem all that anxious to crawl but would rather do laps around the house and anywhere his wobbly legs will take him.  Teeth are emerging and in their vampire way continue to dig into mom's neck and arm as he is a big time mama' boy.  Though starting to develop an attitude he continues to be easy going and easy to be entertained (as long as mom is in arm's reach).  Baths are a joy and one place that he seems to never want to leave.  

Mom continues to be ever present and ever loving as she takes every opportunity to read to him (something he is loving and learning to turn pages).  Mom has even been the recipient of what a jealous dad witnessed as an audible "ma ma" as he reached for her while on her knees having family prayer.  

Dad is just happy that he smiles and is recognized when he comes home for lunch only to be sprayed with baby food while feeding him (white shirts may no longer be so white!).  

Happy 9 months buddy.  It's better out here with you.

It's Gotta Come Out

             Let's do this!

Gallbladder's are overrated or in Melissa's case aren't even in the body any more.  Starting in July Melissa has been having Gallbladder attacks and was recently detected and determined that it had to come out.  Dr. Cox at Castle View hospital performed the surgery that went very well.  Melissa was a lightweight when it came to the "happy gas" as they had to pull back on the dosage when she stopped breathing on her own (apparently nothing to worry about???).  In just over an hour the surgery was complete and by 1 PM was being wheeled out of the hospital.  

          Still in one piece but minus an organ!

Helpless but supportive was her loving husband who made sure the "pink ladies" kept the powder donuts a comin' (for that loving husband of course!).  I made my mark after 4 donuts and a few glasses of cranberry juice.

A week later Melissa has proved to be one tough cookie.  No she isn't doing summersaults but she is up and at em eager to dive into a long neglected double stuff oreo cookie and milk.  

Saturday, April 25, 2009

CALL the Dentist!!!

"He must be teething" was our excuse for every tantrum Parker threw for nearly the first 9 months of his life.  That excuse cannot be used any longer for those pearly whites are starting to peak through!  The first sight of teeth came on April 9th followed by a second spotted on the 23rd.  It is safe to say that he now has more teeth than most hockey players and his Grandpa Gus that he was named after.  Though this is exciting news and surely needs to be marked on all calendars, the dentist is going to have to wait!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Parker's Big Friends!

Parker is a hit wherever he goes.  Slowly he is warming up to the newcomers in his life.  I love watching some of our neighbors and friends and what they do when they see them.  Here are a few that I have noticed and consider them Parker's BIG friends:

Kevin - Every time he see's Parker you can hear him call out his name from anywhere in the church building and Parker is always eager to respond with a quick turn of the head and a grin.  Kevin frequently follows this up with a reference to Manny Ramirez and how Parker likes "Manny".  Other than the long hair that Parker is starting to get,Parker looks more like a catcher than anything else.

Brad - Brad burst on the scene at an Emery basketball game as Parker gravitated to a bright gold shirt that he was wearing.  Ever since then Brad will take every chance he can to hold him and play with him.

Bishop  - Parker is slowly warming up to Bishop.  Perhaps it is because Bishop has been keeping an eye on his neck and making sure its working properly.  In the process of this he has used a little physical therapy that Parker didn't seem to enjoy initially.  Perhaps this is how Parker's going to learn the tough lesson of being corrected. 

Marty - Marty is still working his way in.  It doesn't help that the instant Parker starts crying he is handed over to mom or day but his heart is in the right place.  Marty's frequent visits make him a familiar face.

Cowboy Rod - Rod became a big friend by the times he spent in the hallways at church with Parker.  Rod's hands were always full with his boy but always found time for Parker

President Sharp - President Sharp doesn't miss an opportunity to hold Parker and even gave a talk at Stake Conference in which Parker and another little boy were the object lessons.  

I don't know what is more enjoyable, watching Parker's reaction or the reactions of his new "Big Friends".  Whatever the case it's nice to know that others are watching and looking after him.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A gift from a "FOOL"

I have never had an April fool's day like this before.  Parker was a little out of sorts and I needed to get out of the house.  At about 4:30 I was thinking, "Where is Devin?  I need a break!"  I proceed to call and call and call one more time, but of course no answer.  About 20 minutes later in walks Devin with his April Fool's joke.  He has beautiful flowers and a card in his hand.  "Happy April Fool's Day," he says.  "I figured this "fool"  could do something thoughtful since I don't do it very often."  Then to top it off,  after dinner, he took Parker to his planning and zoning meeting to that I could have a moment of quiet time to myself and go for a run.  I was the most wonderful April Fool's day trick ever!  Love Him!

So I started thinking this morning as I was laying in bed listening to Parker babble, about what a fool Devin ISN'T!  Sure he has his moments like every guy does, but all in all he is one of the most thoughtful and genuine people you will ever meet!  Over the course of our dating, engagement, and now 4 1/2 years of marriage he has given me more than I could ever ask for! He has always put us first and been so thoughtful in his giving!  I pulled out a couple flashback pictures during our time dating and the fun surprises he always had waiting for me.  Thanks honey, for the April Fools.  I'm glad you married this FOOL!
Ring  Pops and the "M" word
Fishing night movie in the boat
100 reasons I love you Cedar Breaks Sunset

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I thought that by this time I would be writing about the new milestones of crawling, or walking, maybe a ma ma or da da, or a tooth or two, but I am just happy to report that Parker made it to 8 months on March 24, 2009!  He has survived with us this long, and has many more months to come.  I am happy that he is still needing me to take him places instead of me chasing him everywhere.   He does enjoy pulling himself up to a standing position using my fingers, and taking his little baby steps. He hasn't figured out that other things work to help him up, too.  
We are happy that he continues to be his healthy, chubby self and are content to know that his milestones will come at his own pace!