Tuesday, August 31, 2010

767 Nights

After 767 nights in the cage known as the crib, Parker finally escaped to the comforts of the "big boy bed". After a little coaxing, a night noogie, and kisses goodnight, he quickly drifted off to a sweet slumber in his first night in his bed. Little does he know what will be replacing him in his crib - in the meantime he makes sure that Woody, Buzz, the stick horse (Coco), the baseball bat, and his Buzz water all are "comfy cozy" in his bed with him.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 Year Pictures

The slideshow above is Parker's two year pictures taken in Castle Dale on Saturday. Hope you enjoy

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Lovin"

There was a lot to love about the summer of 2010 that is quickly coming to a close. Nothing says it better than the rock at the high school that change is in the air and that summer is being replaced with school buses and homework. Here is our recap of our summer of love 2010:

It all began with a trip to the Hogle Zoo. It was a "roarin" beginning to the summer:
The P's packed a mean punch and filled a lot of the time - Parades, Parties, the Pool

Many a walks to see the horses in the neighborhood. One of his favorites was "Coco" for whom he has bestowed the name to his stick horse:

In the middle of it all he still found the time to take some good summer naps:

We worked on our cooking skills around the campfire roasting marshmallows:

Trips to the lake:

Friday, August 20, 2010


Almost as fun as finding out and announcing the baby is to see and hear the reactions. Here is a flavor of what we are hearing from all angles:

From Parker:

Just another day, but one can't help but think that finally "buzz" got his new buddy "Woody" on board. After all, what is Toy Story without Buzz AND Woody? If Parker could pick a name, it would be Buzz!

Of late Parker has been gathering the Toy Story "Gang". Little does he know what is joining this gang in a few months!

From Parents:

Esplin Parents - Another boy tilts the scales in favor of the boys now 9 to 6 for these happy grandparents. Upon telling my dad the news he was most concerned about the baby's health, though deep down we're sure he is completing his little baseball squad to field one day. Mom Esplin surely feels Melissa's excitement as boys are right up her alley.

Pollastro Parents - As always genuine and loving, every baby feeling like its receiving a royal entrance into this family. Boys making a charge outnumbering the girls 4 to 2

From Family:

Cousin Cali currently in mourning and probably blaming Devin for everything - after all he is a BYU fan.

Sisters/ In - Laws - A mixed bag of texts coming in from this group ranging from sympathy, excitement and "been there done that".

Brothers/In - Laws - For Christian it is some more live bait to dangle and spoil and from others jealousy and fear.

From Friends:

From the minute the news hit the airwaves the texts/calls have been flooding in, each with praise and personalized counsel. My favorite counsel was that of one of Melissa's friends preparing her for many more ball games and many more bleachers!

From the Parents to Be:

As the dust settles so does the excitement settle comfortably in our minds and hearts only to be stirred up by the changes that are knocking on the door. For the mean time we will enjoy the news and are grateful for those who are excited and anxious for us.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Baby "Blues"

Having a baby is an exciting thing (mothers refute this reality). What makes it so exciting is the anticipation and build up that leads to the stork making the special delivery. Among the most anticipated events is finding out the "gender". It seems to seal the deal and begins the preparation in earnest. Prior to the visit it is natural to express preferences or envision family dynamics. In a few months paint will be flying, beds rearranged, changing stations manned and operational, all to welcome home the new baby.

After witnessing medical wonder and seeing functioning body parts and movement of the baby it was time to unveil what color will be finding its way into the Esplin home. Would blue and its bats and balls continue to work its way into a boy dominated family or would Pink emerge with all its bows and beauty? What resulted was another baby boy! Yes this means more blue. This shouldn't have been much of a surprise as Parker's only color has been "blue" recently and Melissa's motherly instincts of late have told her that there was a boy on the way.

The news of bringing another boy into the home leaves images of blue deeply engrained on the mind. From blue clothing to blue bedding to blue jeans, any hopes for pink slowly fade to the future. The only thing that wasn't blue was how we felt about bringing another healthy baby into our home. We celebrated having the "blues" by buying blue cookies and sending out "feeling the blues" text messages.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New hair cut

I was going to post this when it happened, but time got away from me. My sis wanted to see my new do and do I decided to post at least for her to see.
I didn't go too terribly drastic, but it is a bit of a change. I went for more of a subtle a-line bob look. It stills fits in a ponytail, which was a major stipulation for me. I really like it, but I won't lie. There are days I miss my long hair. Now I am in the process of deciding if the new do should stay for a while or grow it back out. Only time will tell. For now it is a good change!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ready to Teach

In a little over a week I will once again be in the routine of sporting a white shirt and tie in front of spiritually famished youth. Fortunately Parker is excited and apparently is liking the tie aspect of it. Atleast it would appear so as he recently wants me to tie some ties for him to wear around. Personally I think it fits him, in fact, he just may come in handy in about a week or so!

Softball at heart

Ever since Parker (and current baby) were/are in the womb, the debate around the house is whether they will run track or play baseball/softball. It is clear that those who know us know where our unwavering stance is on this issue (this is assuming and hoping that they get the Pollastro athletic genes of course). Not willing to concede before Parker (or womb baby) ever making their ultimate decision I witnessed something that gave me hope and may have revealed Melissa's heart.

Over the past few months Melissa has been playing on a county rec softball team. From the vantage point of fan and husband it is evident from the chatter in the dugout and how she rounds third coming into home that maybe, just maybe, she really is baseball/softball at heart.

Hey, if Ray Consella (Field of Dreams) can build a baseball field in the corn fields, a baseball player can emerge from a track star!


When I took swimming lessons in Ohio we would advance to different levels based on our swimming abilities. For some reason becoming a dolphin or a whale was highly sought after. Unfortunately I seemed to never advance to far and can only remember my days as a "pollywog". After spending a Saturday with Parker at the swimming pool and watching him "dive" into the swimming pool it was clear to me that we don't have a "pollywog" in our midst but a budding dolphin. Keep your eye on the olympics and hope that "cannonballs" become an Olympic event and know that it all started as a mere "pollywog".

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Invasion - Esplin Reunion - July 28-31

Inviting a family of 26 into Emery County may feel to the residents as an invasion. We call it a family reunion, and what better place than to have that welcomed invasion than Emery County. We spent the few days together boating, swimming, golfing, and fishing. We spent the nights going to the Castle Valley Pageant and the Desertview Pro Rodeo. Like any reunion it was great just to spend time together and to create memories. We loved the invasion and look forward to many more, wherever it may be.
Parker and his cousin Spencer
Parker's cousin Jane
Parker with his cousin Kaylee
Parker with cousin Max
Parker's cousin Marian
Parker's cousin Chase
A Horse carriage ride at the Pageant
Mom and Parker on the Jet Ski
Parker with Grandpa driving the boat
Aunt Teri and Cousin Kaci

You got to love it - Award Winning Raspberries

We have award winning raspberries. At least that is the impression Parker would give as he doesn't seem to let them stay in the patch all that long. Just last night I picked a few raspberries from the patch and brought them in to share, mom suggested that he share them with dad. Such a suggestion triggered Parker's chubby fingers to throw down every raspberry as fast as possible. To add insult to injury he took the last raspberry and as if he was taunting me he paused to make eye contact with me and downed the final victory, knowing that dad was left wanting. Defeated, I only could laugh and hope that another day I can get my hands on a few of those award winning raspberries.

Monday, August 2, 2010

2nd Home

Fully equipped with water slides and fountains, the Emery Aquatic Center has become Parker's second home this summer. Mom has been good to take Parker for a "splash" and the frequent visits have resulted in a mean farmers tan that makes his father proud.