Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My how they change!

Though they change a lot in a year, mom has always been there!

Day 1

7 lbs 9 oz - 20 1/2 inches

Year 1

22 1/2 lbs 30 inches

After day one it was hard to tell who's genes would emerge but after a year it is looking like mom is coming to the forefront (thank goodness)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Esplin Family Reunion

We had so much fun this year in Park City for the family reunion this year!  There was fun had by all!  We stayed in a huge Cabin just outside of Park City in the beautiful mountains.  We didn't realize it at first, but it made for some fun adventures.  
Two nights in a row there was a raccoon that visited the front porch and peering into the front window.  I'm sure he was looking for the left overs.  One night we had a mouse experience in the bathroom that went wrong for the mouse.  It was scared to death by Lindsay's scream and it's little life was ended by the whacks of a broom from Devin and Scott.  Becca and I managed to get lost on an early morning run, but through prayer and help from a passerby we were able to make it back.   
We were able to have the an amazing whiffle ball game, family olympics, a cancelled Bees game, family pictures, a fun day at the Olympic Park, and celebrate Parker's birthday.  It was a wonderful time to reminisce, create more memories, and look forward to future reunions!
Thanks for all the good times!

Pioneers and Parker - Happy Birthday

On the 24th of July our thoughts turn to the pioneers.  We "remember" and commemorate their faith and sacrifice.  This year our thoughts also turned to Parker as he celebrated his first birthday.  Two birthday bashes with all of our family made this a birthday that we hope he will(and no doubt we will) always "Remember" (somehow).  Here are the highlights

Birthday Bash #1 - Park City Cabin - Esplin Family Reunion

Baseball Birthday Cake for the little slugger (surprise, surprise)


More presents

The Pioneers had handcarts - Parker now has a tricycle.  I can see the similarities

Parker and the cousins.  The cousins were good to wish Parker "Happy Birthday" all day long!

Parker and Dad at their first baseball game!

Parker with his souvenir 

Fireworks are overrated, they put Parker to sleep.  This birthday boy was exhausted

After a good nights rest and a bath Parker was ready for celebration #2 with Melissa's family in Salt Lake.  Parker tag teamed with his cousin Cali for this bash as she celebrated her birthday on the 22nd.  The bash began with a good Italian meal made by Grandma Vicki and then the fun continued . . .

Birthday cakes - courtesy of Aunt Brittany

Proceed with caution!

Parker has now moved on to the "big water bottle" thanks to Brittany

Another exhausting birthday bash knocked Parker out for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication - but at least he is comfortable and he did get cookies afterward.

What a great way to end his first birthday.  

Happy Birthday Parker

Hair Cut

By going to the barber it is like giving up your child's childhood (similarities with Sampson???), at least that is how it felt as we took Parker in for his first haircut.  Fearing that a haircut would add 5 years to his appearance Parker took on the clippers and lost his baby hair.  In return we got a handsome boy sporting the latest hair style just in time for pictures and a birthday bash!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Star Parker - Milestone!!!

Perhaps it was watching the ballplayers run the bases during the All Star game with dad or perhaps it has been watching mom do all of this running around town, but whatever the cause, Parker's thunder thighs are in motion as he took his first steps today (July 14) just over a week away from his first birthday!

To the surprise of dad he came walking towards him as they were watching the All-Star baseball game.  Mom didn't miss a step as she too witnessed Parker's new found freedom.  It continued the remainder of the night as we had friends over as he put on a show for the rest of them.

Mom's dedication to leading him all over the house has paid off and now it is time for Parker to get a helmet or put pads on everything as he is sprinting all over the house!  If this is any indication of anything we could have an All-Star baseball player on our hands!  That is of course if mom's influence can be minimized!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Parker's got skills!

I had resigned myself to the fact of Parker never crawling before he walked.  Wrong!  He did it. It is modified to what we call the "stink bug."   On July 8, I couldn't help him stand up to get to where he wanted to go, so he buried his head in the ground, pushed up to his hands and feet, and started side stepping to the wall.  From there he could pull himself up and keep going.  I couldn't believe it so I pulled him down and made him do it again!  He's got that skill down now and continues to work towards just plain walking on his own next!
The next day his stink bug skills gave him the ability to master the art of standing in the crib! It shocked us to find him the next morning standing up and yelling out to us.  We're lucky he didn't go for the nose dive trick.  Needless to say, his crib is now as low as it can go!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to watch fireworks!

Here is Parker's crash course in watching fireworks:

First you get a good comfy see and say,"I'm ready, bring on those fireworks!"

Once the show's begun you realize, "Wait a minute, what's going on here, why are there sparks and noises"

Then its into panic mode, "Get me out of here!"

Finally, "Ah, now that's more like it, watching it with mom is much better!"

You'd think he would be a little better at this seeing as how he was born on the 24th.  We've got some work to do.  

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Favorite First's - Fears

Continuing on our flashback of Parker's first historic year (see post on July 6 on "Favorite Firsts - Nicknames") we turn to Parker's first fears.  Though he is not afraid to fall out of a high chair or even fall off some steps every now and then, there are a few fear flaws that have been revealed:

Fear of Vacuum's.  It's a good thing we don't do this too often.  It makes for a good excuse anyway but you would think that a monster came alive when the vacuum is turned on.

Fear of Dogs that could eat him.  He freezes the moment a dog even so much gets in his bubble and starts back tracking.  I guess getting him a dog this year is out of the question.

Fear of pointy grass.  This almost caused dad more fear than anything, worrying that golf, baseball, and anything grassy was out of the mix.  These fears have since subsided but you would have thought that the grass were knives as he scrunched his legs into his chest any time grass attacked him.

Fear of lying on his stomach.  Lets just say that he is a star gazer.  The stomach is not his thing.  Perhaps it is because he takes such great pride in it!

Fear of "momlessness".  Mom has been there every waking and sleeping moment so it is no wonder that he goes into panic mode the minute mom is out of eye contact.  Generous babysitters and family members are slowly eliminating this fear, though somehow it appears that he is going to be a mama's boy.

All in all though Parker has seemed to be fearless as he is always head-butting nearby walls and reaching over benches at church just to touch someone.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Road Racing is a different realm!

I've started a new kick with running!  A sprinter going distance! I decided that I needed a goal to push myself to keep going... a half-marathon.  On Sept. 12th I am going to run the "Little Grand Canyon" half over by San Rafael Swell.  So, over the 4th, we were in Cedar and I found a 5K to run.  I was so full of adrenaline that I couldn't wait for that gun to go off!  When it came down to the last stretch Dev was there with Parker in the stroller just cheering me on.  I found a little more energy and sprint to the finish line!  I'll just say it is good to have one under the belt, but I need a lot more before I am comfortable for the half marathon.  
What form?  Gotta work on that for the road!

Not to bad for the first 5K

Thank goodness for the athletic supporters!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Favorite First's - NICKNAMES

Okay so we are going to get a little be reflective, after all it is our first child and to be quite honest we are rather impressed that we have survived thus far (or is it that Parker has survived?) 
With his first year almost under his belt we thought that it would be fun to go through his "favorite firsts" that he has experienced.  To kick it off here are some of our "favorite first NICKNAMES"

"Bubby" (This was an early favorite of mom's)
"Buddy" or "My little Buddy"
"Parker -Man" - A favorite of Grandma Vicki
"Porker Parker" (An Uncle Carson original)
"Stinky"  (not so original but true to form)
"Michelin Man"
"Huckleberry Hound" (more of an observation than a nickname)
"Parker August Esplin" (with emphasis - used more in a cursing situation!)

Nicknames are often dreaded and are carefully considered when choosing a name, so far, I think permanent social damage has been avoided 

Fantastic Fourth!

What makes the fourth of July so great?  Well let me tell you . . .
Watching fireworks with dad
Using Grandma and Cousin McKenna as taxi's
Fireworks in the backyard with Grandma & Grandpa
Mom & Dad celebrating the big day
Swingin at the park after the parade
Grandma & Grandpa sharing their drink at the park
Grandpa got my own Cotton Candy!
Watching the parade (more the balloon) with dad
Posing for more family pics at the parade