Monday, July 13, 2009

Parker's got skills!

I had resigned myself to the fact of Parker never crawling before he walked.  Wrong!  He did it. It is modified to what we call the "stink bug."   On July 8, I couldn't help him stand up to get to where he wanted to go, so he buried his head in the ground, pushed up to his hands and feet, and started side stepping to the wall.  From there he could pull himself up and keep going.  I couldn't believe it so I pulled him down and made him do it again!  He's got that skill down now and continues to work towards just plain walking on his own next!
The next day his stink bug skills gave him the ability to master the art of standing in the crib! It shocked us to find him the next morning standing up and yelling out to us.  We're lucky he didn't go for the nose dive trick.  Needless to say, his crib is now as low as it can go!


Mel Bernard said...

what a cutie!!!

Christy said...

I can tell he's not wearing his new size 4 diapers, with that bum crack hanging out ;) (I hope you know I'm just giving you a hard time!)

I cannot believe how big he's getting. I just can't!