Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pioneers and Parker - Happy Birthday

On the 24th of July our thoughts turn to the pioneers.  We "remember" and commemorate their faith and sacrifice.  This year our thoughts also turned to Parker as he celebrated his first birthday.  Two birthday bashes with all of our family made this a birthday that we hope he will(and no doubt we will) always "Remember" (somehow).  Here are the highlights

Birthday Bash #1 - Park City Cabin - Esplin Family Reunion

Baseball Birthday Cake for the little slugger (surprise, surprise)


More presents

The Pioneers had handcarts - Parker now has a tricycle.  I can see the similarities

Parker and the cousins.  The cousins were good to wish Parker "Happy Birthday" all day long!

Parker and Dad at their first baseball game!

Parker with his souvenir 

Fireworks are overrated, they put Parker to sleep.  This birthday boy was exhausted

After a good nights rest and a bath Parker was ready for celebration #2 with Melissa's family in Salt Lake.  Parker tag teamed with his cousin Cali for this bash as she celebrated her birthday on the 22nd.  The bash began with a good Italian meal made by Grandma Vicki and then the fun continued . . .

Birthday cakes - courtesy of Aunt Brittany

Proceed with caution!

Parker has now moved on to the "big water bottle" thanks to Brittany

Another exhausting birthday bash knocked Parker out for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication - but at least he is comfortable and he did get cookies afterward.

What a great way to end his first birthday.  

Happy Birthday Parker

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Melanie Lyn said...

parker is the cutest (handsom) little boy i know.. these pictures are way adorable. haha