Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness to March Sadness

March Madness barreled into our home with much hype and anticipation.  The Utes, Cougars, and the Buckeyes had all made the tournament and surely not all would disappoint.  In our excitement Parker sported his "fan apparel" in honor of the diversity of teams that we support.  This was the second time unveiling the Ute shirt (1st being the Sugar Bowl back in January).  The Cougar shirt appeared after collecting moth balls in the closet (and perhaps could have stayed that way).
Our March madness soon would turn to "March Sadness" as each one of these teams bowed out in the opening round of the tournament.  But as true fans we will stick by our teams through thick and thin.  Maybe next year we will need to pick some new teams that won't disappoint (and increase our odds and wardrobe).

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Growing up I had my routines.  I would eat the same breakfast based on the day of the week (bless my mom).  I watched some of my favorite athletes and they seemed to have their routines.   I would later serve a mission and found myself in routines.  I find great comfort in routines but struggle to keep myself in them.  As of late Melissa and I have begun a new routine.  Here is our routine:
9 PM - Parker get his version of a late night snack
9:30 PM - We give Parker a bath
9:45 PM -  Reading from the Book of Mormon (Parker has his own book in hand to not     feel left out)
10 PM - Say night prayers, turn the humidifier on, turn the Primary hymns on
10:02 PM - Parker gets his "Night noogie" from dad (more to come later), kisses from              mom and dad good night and mom lays Parker to bed.
10:07PM - Parker temporarily asleep while listening to the Primary hymns for the     10th time.  Mom closes door behind her bidding her son "sweet dreams"

Don't Mess!

Don't be fooled, Sumo wrestling might be in the near future!

In honor of Cousin Carter, "You wanna piece of me?"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good Grief!

Wore "little Charlie" right out

"You are boring" reminded our sister- in- law Cammie referring to our sparatic blogging as of late.  Admittedly she is right.  Things of late have been rather mundane.  Mundane if you consider that Parker just sits in the middle of the floor, plays with toys, and cries everytime he flops over.   Mundane if you consider the hot topic around the din
ner table is why our water has turned brown.  Mundane yes if you consider examining Parker's little sore on his head and thinking of every possible remedy as if we were the next "Doogie Howser."  Not having sweets for the month of February also slows things down a bit around the house.  Mundane?  You be the judge!  

Well Cammie, thanks to you and your little "meowzers" this mundaneness came to a halt a couple of days ago.  A night out to the High School Performance of "Snoopy" seemed to bring    (gvb - sorry Parker was a little offended at us calling him mundane so he put in his little tidbits) us back to life.  Parker attempted to steal the show by doing his best to look like Charlie Brown but was thwarted in his effort by his cousin Cali w
 entertained him.  Parker did rather well until about intermission when he started practicing his own lines which caused an early exit for dad as well.

As for the play itself may I echo the words of Charlie Brown, "good grief"!  Good grief it was good.   It was fun, funny, and even inspiring at moments.  Give it to the high schoolers to spice things up!  Thanks to all who brought us out of our mundane world!  Good grief!

vghglg@ (no parker you are not boring, its those parents of yours, especially that one who looks like Sally) alf984 (no dad, I said Linus not Sally).  Good grief!
Just enjoying the show with cousin Cali

Where's my popcorn?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Grandma Glenna

On March 2, I was thinking so much about Grandma Glenna.  It is crazy how time flies and how much change occurs in such a short time.  I wanted to write a little note to say how much I love her and miss her being here.  It's hard to think that Parker doesn't get to be with her here, but I believe that she took care of him before he came to us.  She had to get him ready and he needed to get to know her before he entered our home on earth.  

Grandma was always taking care of us and supporting us in everything we did.  Grandpa and she would travel to all our games and cheer their hearts out.  Grandma usually got so nervous that she had to pace around the gym.  

While growing up, they picked us up from school every day.  Before going home we HAD to get a treat.  It was either a stop at Swift's for a candy bar a drink, or over to Fausett's for an ice cream cone with sprinkles.  These things were a small showing of her constant giving heart.  

I am always reminded of her sweet and beautiful face as I walk into our office.  Her young, beautiful drawing the was done for her was given to me before she died.  When I was little I would always look at it in her and house and say that I wanted to keep it.  She honored that wish and now it hangs in my house today as a constant reminder of her and who she is as one amazing woman of God.

I love you Grandma and can't wait to be with you again!

Is there any of Mom in there?

Lately I have been wondering if this child is all his dad.  Everyone says that he looks more and more like Devin.  I think the only me he has is his impatience when he wants something and can't get it himself.  The rest of the time he has a calm, happy attitude like Dad, too.  I will always remember that I did give birth to this kid and remind him of that each day, even if he doesn't look like me.  
I did find a couple of pictures recently of me when I was blessed and decided to put them to the test.
Maybe I need to come to terms that it is okay that he is his dad's son!