Sunday, March 15, 2009


Growing up I had my routines.  I would eat the same breakfast based on the day of the week (bless my mom).  I watched some of my favorite athletes and they seemed to have their routines.   I would later serve a mission and found myself in routines.  I find great comfort in routines but struggle to keep myself in them.  As of late Melissa and I have begun a new routine.  Here is our routine:
9 PM - Parker get his version of a late night snack
9:30 PM - We give Parker a bath
9:45 PM -  Reading from the Book of Mormon (Parker has his own book in hand to not     feel left out)
10 PM - Say night prayers, turn the humidifier on, turn the Primary hymns on
10:02 PM - Parker gets his "Night noogie" from dad (more to come later), kisses from              mom and dad good night and mom lays Parker to bed.
10:07PM - Parker temporarily asleep while listening to the Primary hymns for the     10th time.  Mom closes door behind her bidding her son "sweet dreams"


Cammie said...

Sounds like a pretty solid routine. I've found that as soon as you get a routine down, something changes....which is half the fun...and frustration!!

The Christians said...

He really is so cute! I can't wait to meet him.