Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Nothing wins the ladies over more than the grin. Lets just say that the "grin wins". Starting in Brock's second month he has been pulling smiles that are such to melt a few hearts. Here are a few sneak peaks:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Big Day" "BIG Boy" "Big Fun"

Last weekend we escaped to Salt Lake City, to the "Big City". Melissa and Brittany braved the canyons and went shopping in Park City. Parker and Dad took on the bigcity and boy was it big fun. Here were some of the "BIG" moments.

Though the snow tried to alter plans, a trip to the visitors center tosee "Big Jesus" was a hit for the big man. One time up the ramp wasn't sufficient so he made multiple runs. The "sisters" got a kick out of, I just think Parker was trying to flirt with them

After braving the snow and going between both visitors centers we ventured over to the Church Museum where we saw the "Big Moroni" though this seemed to be overshadowed by the Nephite display where Parker spent his time fishing in Nephi's "Big Boat".
Even "Big Boys" need naps and so Parker took one. Dad snuck one in only to be woken up by Parker who asked me "dad have a good sleep?". Having responded affirmatively it was back out to the "Big City"

On the way to ride the "train" we slipped in the Joseph Smith Building to see "Big Joseph" and then saw the "Big Temple" where "Jesus lives". Upon passing the "Big Temple" Parker told me that he "loves Jesus".
With the snow stopped it was time to ride the train. Parker was anxious to "hop on board" and insisted that we "keep going" at every possible stop we could have made. We took the "train" (also know to city folk as Trax) up to the U to see the "Big Olympic Torch".
Though dad was exhausted the Big day wasn't complete without his first bowling experience. Let's just say that everything was a little too "BIG" forthis Big Boy as he tried running down lanes etc.
All in all though theBig day in the Big city was Big fun for our Big Boy Parker

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hop on board

Much hype and excitement were invested in this historic first train ride (though technically it was TRAX). Not even snowy, rainy weather could dampen or frustrate this trip. Though the trip provided memories cherished by father, it was a trip that had plenty of obstacles before we could "hop on board". After a nap, we headed out of the apartment and walked down to get a ticket. Being a country mouse in the big city I soon realized that the machine only took cash. We took a detour to the nearby Deseret Book hoping to get some "cash back". This "inspired" father thought to buy his son some "old school" treats in order to get the necessary cash back. After filling a brown bag with chocolate covered peanuts and gummy bears, sprinkled with some blue whoppers we purchased our prizes only to find out thatthey didn't give cash back. By this time Parker had discovered "Buzz" in the store and the excitement for the train trip had temporarily been derailed. After screaming and kicking and making a scene we left the store only to meet a kind father and his "quiet" daughter. After finding out what the problem was, this wise father gave Parker a train ticket (though this ticket was just a receipt). This kind act was greatly appreciated by a reeling father who only wanted to take his son on a train ride. Not deterred by the end goal I found a ATM where we found the needed cash to go on our train ride. With money in hand we joined the working class as they were getting off work and found the place to buy tickets. To my dismay our cash didn't work. A mother behind us realized our frustration and left to another machine to get her own ticket. We followed her though at this point Parker was a little anxious to get on the train. His anxiety and eagerness to get on the train right then caused a struggle. We got to another machine only to receive another act of christian service by the lady that had been behind us. She purchased us a ticket and said, "it's on me." I was touched at how this lady recognized my need. After missing a few trains, one that was just a test run, and talking with some other passengers that were waiting, we finally were able to "hop on board". Once aboard Parker was in heaven. At each stop he would say, "I want more." Of course I couldn't resist such a request. We took the train to the U of U football stadium, saw the stadium and the Olympic torch and then retuned back downtown.
Though this trip was anything but smooth and surely I gained more grey hairs than needed, this was an experience I cherished. I loved watching Parker's excitement for this simple pleasure as he watched eagerly out the window. I will always remember the kindnesses expressed to me through service and kind word. I am so grateful that we were able to "hop on board".

Thursday, March 24, 2011

3 months

Do you remember when you were three months old?

Neither do we.

But here are three things we won't forget about our three month old Brock

1. Brock is a rock. There is a calm about him that has carried him through a bout with RSV and a brother who deals his fair share of blows.

2. Power naps. Thankfully he sleeps through the night, but the days are full of power naps. Perhaps this is to always be on his toes for whatever is coming his way.

3. The hair is on its way out, but the smile, jabbering, and giggles replace what is being lost.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Move Over Mouse

Just when we thought the mouse had taken over (see previous blog "A New Mouse in the House", Buzz made an appearance that rejects any notion that he will ever be replaced. As evidence? Parker has put on the Buzz costume now for days in a row. First words in the morning? "Put on buzz suit".

I think it is fair to say that Buzz is here to stay.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Brock's Baby Blessing

Brock emerged and left the comforts of home and found himself encircled by family as he was blessed by his namesake and father. The day was made sacred by family who joined us from Wyoming, Colorado, Salt Lake, Cedar City, Price, Spanish Fork, and Lindon. We are grateful for the love and unity of family to join us in this joyous occasion.

A New Mouse in the House

It was a matter of time. All it took was a Valentines gift from Grandma Vicki to begin the rise of Mickey Mouse and thus the elimination of Buzz Lightyear.

The new mouse in the house made his entrance when Grandma Vicki got Parker a DVD of Mickey Mouse Playhouse for Valentines. It was love at first sight, and second, and third, and one hundred and thirty third and . . . . . Since this mighty mouse came into the home Buzz has taken a backseat with fewer viewings of toy story. Upon questioning Parker if Mickey reigned supreme, he still held true to Buzz but all evidence is pointing to a new mouse in the house.

Such a prediciment leads to this question, what happens when they meet in Disneyland? That question will have to wait, but for now, let the fun begin!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Green Monsters

In honor of the month of green, we bring you our version of our "Green Monsters". And yes at times they act like it.

After recovering from RSV, it is all smiles for this two month old

Not sure if Brock is feeling the love?!