Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Birthday

There is nothing SUPER about turning 30, especially because the gray hair has been creeping in on me since I was 25. Now it is just an ugly number that validates the "distinguished" gray hair. Despite the number 30 associated with my name, here were some of the SUPER things about the birthday.
A Superman birthday cake made by Melissa -impressive

BYU clothing - Super sweet
Time with family

Friday, January 28, 2011

One Month Plus 1 - Brock

Where does a month go? Is this our baby? With how Brock is growing, asking such questions can only be answered with pictures of the proof:

January 25th

January 22nd

January 20th

January 12th

What has happened in his first month: A lot of sleeping, eating, and growing!
What a sweet thing to see him grow in only one month. Can't wait to see what happens each month, but at the same time I wish I could hold him here forever!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear Elder and Sister

I don't think my mom ever missed a week of writing to her five sons on the mission which would make over 250 letters. In an attempt to pay back the many heartfelt letters we sat down for family night and wrote a letter and drew "snow missionaries" for grandma and grandpa serving in Ogdensburg, New York.

Also in the spirit of missionary work I nightly quiz Parker on where Grandma and Grandpa are at. The conversation goes as follows as we have just concluded our nightly story and we are saying goodnight:

Dad: "Where is Grandma and Grandpa?"

Parker: "On a mission"

Dad: "Where on a mission?"

Parker: "New York" (muffled but distinguishable)

Dad: "What are they doing on a mission?"

Parker: "Teaching Jesus"

What a blessing missionary work is!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brock Bath

Wahoo, the cord fell off and he is free to enter the full on bath realm! It was so nice to have that joy of giving him his first bath. It was a little bit of a shocker for him to enter the water, but he soon settled in and loved the warm water. The first of many to come!

Mama's boy

Let's hope that Parker takes after mom.

Here is one way that he is a mama's boy. CEREAL.
The kid could eat cereal for every meal, just like mom!

At this point it doesn't seem to matter what kind of cereal. From lucky charms, to cheerios, and everything in between. The kid loves his cereal.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brock Devin Esplin - It just felt GOOD

Some things just feel good.

Like connecting with a fastball and sending it over the fence.

Like a haircut long overdue.

Like when the the ball is released from the tips of your fingers to hit a game winning shot.

Like the view from atop a mountain peak.

Like spending time with your dad.

Like a popsicle on a hot summer's day.

Some things just feel good, there is no otherway to explain it, it just feels good.


And so it is for our son Brock. When it came down to deciding a name for him, it just felt good. Having spent months discussing names, inventing names, tossing out names, etc. (you get the point), nothing seemed to stick. We had heard of the name Brock and we weren't opposed to it, so it joined the list of other possibilities (Mason, Packer, Porter).

When Melissa went into labor we still hadn't decided and the delivery was so quick that when he was safely in ourarms, we still didn't have a name for him. Finally after we had settled down and he was in the arms of mom, we brought up the name game once more. As we contemplated and prayed about the name Brock we were satisfied that that was to be his name, reason being, "It just felt good." Such a feeling was good enough for us.

So what about the rest of the name?

Mom had suggested that Brock take the name of his dad. Had mom known the history behind dad's name, she might have thought twice.

As legend has it, I was named by my four older brothers who loved BYU basketball. When I was born my parents hadn't decided on a name. My brothers being bred Cougar blue and admiring then star Devin Durrant, suggested that they name their baby brother Devin after this Cougar great (third all time in scoring and also spent some time in the NBA).
Unfortunately the basketball skills didn't come with the name (unless you count some great pick up games or church ball). Being the youngest of 5 boys I have been fortunate to follow in the footsteps of many whom I would consider to be heros. It is hoped that the name Devin stands for kindness and service and other noble Christlike attributes. Though void of superior athleticism, it is my hope that I have created a name that is honorable and worth emulation. Though far from perfect it is a joy to have my son carry on a name that means so much to me.


His last name also is something to take pride in. Esplin is a name that many speak highly of. It was the name that grandparents carried before me. To me it stands for a person who has integrity and is honest. It stands for hard work and commitment. Those who possess this name are faithful and love to serve. I know my dad to carry this name with great pride. He gave it to me and now has fallen on Brock. May those who look to this name and possess this name remember the sacrifice and efforts put into what this name represents.

And so Brock's life begins. Having been given a name full of meaning and faith, Brock too will create a name of his own and live a life that will "just feel good". Some things just feel good and that is good enough for us.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brotherly Love

Parker's love for Brock ranges near and far:

It is evident when Parker will come running in notifying us that "Baby Brock is crying"

It is noticed with Parker's endless petitions to "hold Brock"

Even Parker's concerns for "Baby Brock's 'boogers' (pronounced "burgers") reveals that his love runs deep.

As part of Parker's night routine Brock gets a kiss on the head from Parker as he is riding his "dragon"

All this "brotherly love" is kept in perspective. When asked if he (Parker) is a baby he says, "No, Parker's a big boy". When asked how big Brock is he says, "Brock is tiny". Apparently Parker loves his brother but love doesn't elevate him in family status. Now that is "brotherly love".

What have we created?

When we see things like this, one can only ask the obvious question, "What have we created?"
Perhaps the next horse riding, tent stick stabbing super hero? Needs some work on the fearless face but the costume gets the job done.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Measuring Up - 2 Weeks

In order to measure something it always helps to have something to measure up against. Though Parker is no easy task to measure up against, because we can as parents, we do, and this is how Brock is "measuring up".
2 weeks old

After two weeks Brock is weighing in at 7lbs 13 ounces, not bad for a start of 6 lbs 4 ounces. He also has freed himself from the bonds of his umbilical cord (historic I know @ 3 weeks not 2). In contrast to Parker he seems to be a little more mellow yet spices things up with some late nights. Like Parker he is taking advantage of being held. As far as looks, difficult to measure, but early indication point to hints of Dad, though the reddish hair snuck in from the Pollastro side.
Though impossible to measure and compare, the love we have for Brock is immeasurable and find joy in measuring each milestone as we watch him grow right before our eyes.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

That's Life

In an attempt to make the most out of our "New Years Eve celebration" we decided that we were going to watch a movie and play the game of "Life" (taking into consideration that we are living in Castle Dale with a week old baby, this seemed like a good time to be had!) As the night wore on so did Brock. With the game all set up and the movie being played, Brock was insistent on being part of the celebration. Needless to say that we didn't get to play the game of "Life", rather, we were able to experience the game of "Life". As it was, Brock just about outlasted the exhausted mom in staying up to midnight. In the final minutes Brock finally broke down and dad woke mom up to see the ball drop. Not soon after we too dropped into our beds.
Happy New Year - Brock shortly after midnight

New Years day itself was enjoyable as we were able to spend more time with our family
Parker with cousin Caleb on his new "car"
Parker taking a swing at the traditional Pinata
Christian and Caleb with Parker
Cousin Cali with Brock