Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dishwasher and Glue

Coming from the doctor the day before, I thought we were home free for a while of doctor's visits.  Until we woke up and started another day.  I was doing the breakfast dishes and wobbly Brock was "helping" me as he always seems to do.  His slippery footy pajamas got the best of him as he fell down he hit the edge of the dishwasher.  This time the dishwasher won.  Brock came up screaming in a bloody mess.  Once I cleaned him up and calmed him down, I wondered if stitches would be needed since the gash was just below his bottom lip.  We decided to head to the clinic.  Since I was on crutches and couldn't take him myself, Lori Rogers was so kind to drive us there and help me through it all.  I have the best neighbors and friends.  As the doctor examined it he decided that he would seal it up with glue instead of stitches.  All I can say is they should have just given me the glue and sent me home.  I think I could have done a better job.  I am not a doctor, but I'm just saying it was quite the experience.  Anyway, he survived yet another fall and is still smiling through it.  Our little Brock the rock.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Boot - An old and new friend

It's tough to get Melissa down. In fact it seems as though the only thing than can accomplish such a feat is a doctors demands.

After 12 weeks of rehab for tendonitis in her achilles Dr. Justesen, still not pleased with results, decided that Melissa was to wear a boot for 6 more weeks. Reluctant to give up some freedom but anxious to find healing, she consented.

The four weeks provided for many roller coasters but in the end Melissa emerged with good news that things were healing. Through it all Melissa showed great patience as she endured a trial that seems to continue to assert itself in her life time and time again (ACL surgeries, etc.). It was also touching to watch ward members and neighbors demonstrate charity in our behalf by providing meals, taking turns making phone calls, and even donating roller walkers to make movement easier.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Around the globe

For my birthday I got a globe. It sits proudly on the piano and recently got the attention of Parker. Grasping the concept that it was the world Parker initiated the following conversation:

"Where does Santa Claus live?" We found the North Pole and then he inquired, "Where does Jesus live?" I found and pointed to Jerusalem. Parker was on a roll and asked, "Where does President Monson live?" We scanned the globe and located Salt Lake City.

Having located some notable people I was curious what would come next. Parker didn't disappoint, "Where does Krae (next door neighbor) live?"

I should of seen that coming, our neighborKrae in the same category as the Savior, a prophet, and the Jolly Old Saint Nick. Let's just say that Parker knows how to surround himself with only the best.