Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coming Home


Bright idea??? - July 26 - 2 Days (Top) July 27th - 3 Days (bottom)

July 28 - 4 Days Old - Above

July 29 - 5 Days old

Mom takes real good care of me! - July 30 - 6 Days old and lookin' good!

Home Sweet Home!
Parker made his debut outside of the hospital on Saturday afternoon and was pampered by grandparents for a couple of days in Price before making the trek home to Castle Dale on Monday afternoon. Grandma Pollastro has been a blessing having around the house as we take baby steps at this parent thing. After some good eatin' and some sun bathng in the sun Parker is doing well and mom is still trying to find some sleep. Parker is now sleeping just about anywhere you put him but now calls his crib in Castle Dale, Home.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


First Family Photo
Our little miracle

Parker's First Kiss

We are glad he got Mom's looks

Parker August Esplin
The 24th of July wasn't your typical fireworks show and BBQ, but we did have our own fireworks as Melissa gave birth to Parker August Esplin. He was 7 lbs 9oz of pure handsomeness. He is a delight to have in our family and we cherish every precious moment we have with him. He has some big hands so hopefully that will help with dunking or throwing a change-up!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Devin's Cooperstown - The Catcher

As I viewed the All- Star game and saw the pre-game festivities of all the great baseball players over time on one baseball field, it led me to think of the times growing up during church of me and my brothers making our own all-star teams of who we thought were the best players (this was a great way to "ponder" during church). While thinking of this I decided that I wanted to come up with a list of the best baseball players that I have seen in my day. I will go position by postition and identify who I feel makes my "Cooperstown". Entrance into this "Cooperstown" will be based on impact that the player had on the game of baseball with consideration of their statistics. Regrettably Eric Davis, even though he had a great batting stance, and many other notables such as John Kruk, Daryl Strawberry, and Doc Gooden didn't make this list but don't be surprised if the great Will "The Thrill" Clark or my brother Ryan's favorite Mike Schmidt atleast get some consideration. I will induct one player a week by position and your comments are welcome.

Catcher: Starting behind the dish is appropriate because that is where we find the field general. My catcher needs to be feared as one who you don't want to steal on. I don't need a catcher who can hit .300 but I need a catcher who can be a threat and not someone who hits below his weight I have seen many great catchers in my day, notably, Gary Carter, Ivan Rodriguez, Sandy Alomar Jr. , Mike Piazza. For me it boils down to Mike Piazza and Ivan Rodriguez. Sure I like the mullet sported by Mike Piazza and he is one of the great hitting catchers but for me I'm going to go with Ivan Rodriguez. His arm is to be feared and he has surprising speed for a catcher. He is clutch with men in scoring position and has a competitive drive to win the big game. He also hits for average and will one day go down as one of the great catchers of all time.

"Devin's Cooperstown" Catcher: Ivan Rodriguez - Detroit Tigers

Melissa Esplin: A Tribute

As I visit different cities, university campus', cemeteries, historical sites, etc, I find myself drawn to the statues and the stories of the people that go with them. I gain a greater appreciation for what they have accomplished and in many cases how their contributions have affected my own. For example, I love the statue of Nellie Unthank on the campus of SUU. It is a fitting tribute to a remarkable woman who has contributed so much to the establishment of Cedar City and the building up the Church in the west. In that spirit and in the spirit of the upcoming 24th of July celebrations I would just like to pay a tribute to my sweet wife, who may never have a statue to recognize her but in every respect deserves to be elevated to the incredible woman that she is not only in my life but in the lives of so many who she has impacted. May it be said that, much like those who have quietly gone before, Melissa would never want recognition to elevate her or to promote her in any way, but her actions nonetheless are deserving of praise:

I praise Melissa for her love for the Prophets and Apostles. Recently, she met Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quourum of the 12. What impressed me about this encounter was that she recognized him and acknowledged him as a man called of God. This recognition didn't come without paying a price to read and cherish the words of living prophets and to live by them. What great joy it brings me to know that our chilldren will have a mother in the home who will point them to the prophets.

I praise Melissa for unselfish service. Being the caring husband I have come to be overly cautious of what Melissa does as the pregnancy progresses. I have cautioned her about overdoing things. This apparently was ignored when faced with an opportunity to serve. She spent a weekend serving at the Humanitarian center and Welfare square. This didn't come without a price of swollen ankles and exhaustion but I was impressed at how she was engaged with service and fullfilling her responsibility as a leader in serving with them.

Finally, I praise Melissa for all that she has been for the past 4 years. We recently celebrated an anniversary in Salt Lake City. In these past 4 years she has been a source of strength when I have been weak. There isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't put on that smile that won me over from day one. Truly in every aspect she has made me a better person. Selfishly I've told her on several occasions that the reason I married her was that I knew that she would make me a better person. I only hope that I can measure up to what she has and is becoming.

True, the blogging community may a pathetic way to pay a tribute to such a person, but hopefully my lifes actions will be a proper tribute to this incredible woman in my life.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Welfare and Humanitarian Aide

What an amazing set up the Church really has! I decided to do a little post about the wonderful weekend we had on July 11-12. Bishop Labrum had made all these arrangements in advance to go to Wefare Square and the Humanitarian Center. It gave the youth of our ward an idea of just how big the efforts of the church are around the world. I had been there long ago and had forgotten the impact we truly have. We had the chance of being able to do a couple hours of service at each place and then were taken on a tour by the missionaries. Our youth were quite amazing and worked so well all day long.
On Saturday we were able to go to the Jordan River Temple to perform baptisms for the dead. It was neat to be in a different temple than Manti and see how those same ordinances are performed wherever you go!

While we were there a few of us leaders had an amazing experience. We were sitting in the visitor's room when I spotted Elder Russell M. Nelson. We, of course, had to ambush him and shake his hand. I get the chills just thinking about it. He is truly a man of God! He was so kind and meek to us crazy women. I will never forget my joy, nor the feeling I had in seeing the mantle this man has as one of the quorum of the twelve!


Do you ever wonder if doctor's are there to help or just inflict pain upon the innocent? On Wednesday I went for my weekly check-up, but this week was the start of the exams. I was quite nervous for those big hands to check my "progress." Needless to say I made it through this first exam to find out that I am now dilated to a two and I'm starting to thin. I would say that is progress. Right? Maybe this little boy could be coming sooner than we think. We can only hope. The best event during this excruciating exam was the fact that he actually touched the baby's head! That was complete madness to me. I was quite shocked and couldn't believe it. I am happy that his head is in the right position to be touching, I guess. That's the wonderful 37 week update. All is well as I continue to progress and the baby continues to grow!