Sunday, February 24, 2008

On the Sports Scene

Just a thought. As the high school basketball season comes to a close and we enter into March madness I got to thinking about Basketball and its affect on the community. Where we live here in Castle Dale, Girls Basketball is queen. In the past three years they have won 3 region championships, 1 State Championship, and a 2nd place at the State Championships. This year they fell short as they were upset in the quarterfinals. The community goes to great lengths to support their team, from hanging signs on all of the local businesses, to signs on the houses of the players on the team to signs periodically along the highway going up to Salt Lake. The school also has been affected by this princess of a team. Thursday and Friday turned into a no school day where there was more students than there were teachers. The teachers were encouraged to go to the state tournament. As a result the school turned into a ghost town. Personally I have bought into this basketball love affair with the community. I fly a Spartan flag periodically, and I wear black and gold on game days, but I am left to wonder if this is a fleeting trend or is it still deeply entrenched in other communities? Go Spartans!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Biggest Loser Update

After listening to the advice of near and dear coaches, Devin continues to drop the pounds. He is now down a whoppin' 12 pounds. Stay tuned for further drastic changes. If he gets a hair cut this week he might drop another 3 more pounds!

One Hot Mama

Melissa is not "gaining weight" but her waist is "getting thicker"as she would put it. So far, no need for maternity clothes but sure is impressing the doctor with comments from him like, "it sure looks like you are gaining." The secret to mainting such a figure sure is to be found in bowls of "Tootie Fruities" and an occasional bowl of oatmeal. Truly Melissa is one "hot mama".

The Beat Goes On

Week 13 of the pregnancy brought some smiles to the parents to be. All seems to be going well with the baby inside. Melissa is convinced that it is a girl because after hearing the pitter patter of the heart beat at a rate of 155 beats a minute she knows that is definitely a girl. Dad on the other hand is no medical genius but just hopes the baby comes and is not heartless but still holds out for a loving little slugger.
This trip really brought an added measure of joy. Knowing that all is going well and to witness this miracle truly brings to us appreciation for what is really important in our lives. We cannot help but recognize the hand of a loving Heavenly Father and loving friends and family who have made this possible. This new heart truly transforms this mother and father's heart to be better people who are more appreciative.